Aerospoke CNC 700c Track Wheel - Matte Black

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Details Aerospoke CNC 700c Track Wheel - Matte Black

  • 14-622 (700c).
  • Colour: Matte Black.
  • Resin manufactured.
  • Rear wheel with fixed and free wheel hub.


Aerospoke wheels for fixie bikes are maybe the most famous and renowned five-spoke wheels in the fixie world. They have a 700c size, so they are compatible with any road, fixie or track bike. It's made with a special carbon resin, and is visually striking and aesthetically pleasing. The rear wheel comes with a special flip-flop hub, so that it can become either a fixed or a freewheel bike. Thus, you can assemble a freewheel gear on one side, and a fixed gear on the other side, to make it as versatile as possible. They're definitely amazing wheels, no matter how you use them, to go around town with a fixie.

About Aerospoke

Aerospoke is one of the most recognized & respected names in composite wheels, and has been making them longer than anyone else in the world. We offer aerodynamic wheels for fixed gear, road, mountain bikes, recumbents and trikes and soon BMX. Aerospoke remains committed to supporting our diverse customers as they each ride on their unique paths to adventure and achievement.

With decades of customer testimonials, several world records and millions of miles ridden on our wheels, our wheel qualities speak for themselves. Our customers continue to trust us, because we are dedicated to providing them wheels that not only look great, but perform well-with the quality, durability and reliability that you've come to expect from Aerospoke.

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