Why choose the best lock for your bike?

Bike locks give you security. They are a type of bike accessory that has an anti-theft function. When choosing the best lock for your bike, you should ensure it is a model which is capable of protecting it but also convenient and easy to use.

Choosing the best bike lock is about choosing the type of lock that best suits your needs depending on where you live, how long you will leave it locked up for and, ultimately, the level of security you need the lock in question to offer you.

Types of bike locks for all types of bikes

There are different types of bike locks depending on the type or shape of bike and depending on where they are placed on the bike.

Cable bike locks are characterised for comprising a cable which is usually made from coated steel and for being very simple to use. They are a highly recommended option if you are looking for a type of bike lock which is fast to fasten.

These locks are lightweight and flexible and ideal if you need to lock your bike up in relatively secure areas and not for too long. The security of the cable lock will be greater on models which are thicker. Notable options include those from the brands Kryptonite and Onguard.

Chain locks are one of the most secure options. Some have an invisible chain, are lined in fabric or made from metal plates. They are one of the best anti-theft bike locks given that they are practically impossible to break with conventional tools.

Chain lock firms include options such as Abus and Kryptonite.

Combination locks for bikes are made up of a cable which guarantees the bike can be fixed to another object and its unlocking depends on entering the correct number combination. Here, designs from the company Kryptonite stand out.

U-locks are practically unbreakable given that they are difficult to force and are the perfect option if you are going to leave the bike on the street for a more prolonged period of time.

They are characterised for being made from tempered steel, a solid material capable of providing maximum quality to a bike lock with anti-theft function. Notable options include those from the brands Kryptonite and Abus.

Frame locks are characterised for adapting to practically all models of bike that can be found on the market and allow the wheel to be locked.

If you choose this option, it is advisable to supplement it with another type of lock such as the U-lock or with chains for complete security when you leave your bike locked up. One of the most notable firms for this type of lock is Abus.

Wheel locks are anti-theft accessories that focus on this important part of the bike. This type of lock is particularly useful if you bear in mind that the wheels and seats are the parts of bikes that are most likely to be stolen. Notable firms include Abus and Kryptonite.

Seat locks have the purpose of protecting this part of the bike from potential thefts. They need to be combined with other locks such as chains or U-locks in order to guarantee security when locking the bike up. Notable models include those from brands like Pinhead and Abus.

Folding locks stand out for offering a good level of security as well as being a lightweight solution. They are made up of various sheets of metal which are joined through a locking system. Available options include those from firms such as Abus.

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