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How to choose the ideal Cycling GPS?

When choosing a GPS navigator for your bike, you must keep in mind what you will use it for,  as well as your preferences.

GPS devices are characterised by their functions, such as the collection of technical data. They register multiple aspects, from the routes you take to your physical performance, as well as offering the option of being linked to other devices such as heart rate monitors or potentiometers.

If you prefer that the cycling GPS follow routes through maps, you will have to find models that support the loading of these maps, as well as having a good internal memory or check if it can be expanded externally.

Different kinds of GPS devices

GPS devices are essential to ensure that your cycling route goes as expected, that you do not lose your way, and that you are in a safe place. It is easy to find a wide variety of devices for cycling based on their design and functionality.

  • GPS computer

GPS cycle computers are characterized by being tactile, lightweight and of compact design. These devices use satellites to track your position, giving you the option of calculating your pedaling speed, as well as the distance and time you ride. Among other data, they collect values such as heart rate during the ride, pace and speed.

There are computers with colour screens, ideal if you want to make full and more in-depth use of these browsers. These screens offer the advantage of a much higher level of detail.

The more functions it features, the bigger a device will be. An optimal size, to ensure comfort, ranges from 5 to 9.5 cm long and from 5 to 7 cm wide.

GPS cycle computers are recommended for high-performance and mountain bikers since they allow to download routes and even give information about nearby places of interest. Garmin bicycle computers stand out.

  • Watch with an integrated GPS

Smart watches have an integrated GPS function and are particularly comfortable to wear and record activity throughout the day.

Watches with integrated GPS generally have features such as breath, heart rate, hydration level and sleep quality monitoring.

These devices are designed for people who want to carry a compact and aesthetic device with them at all times. They come with several pre-installed sports applications.

They are usually waterproof and designed so that you can keep them on whether you are on your bike or not. When choosing a smart watch it is important to check the visibility level of the display in sunlight, as well as its weight; the lighter it is. the more comfortable it will be to wear.

A smart watch with GPS function is a recommended option for those cyclists who use their bike in the city. They also have enough capacity to stay on the bike for a long time: the average is about 5 hours in GPS mode. The different models by Garmin are outstanding.

These intelligent watches have a refined and aesthetic design, as well as more colourful models.

Why buy at Santafixie?

At Santafixie we work with leading brands and we have an extensive catalogue of cycle GPS devices, as well as a section with the best offers on the market.

You will find models for all kinds of needs: from bicycle computers to smart watches with an integrated GPS function. Beyond this type of bike accessory, we have other accessories and all the equipment you need to enjoy your route on the bike in total safety and comfort.

If you place your order you will be able to receive it within 5 working days either at your home or at the pick-up point of your choice, depending on your preferences.