How to choose your Bike Lights

Bike lights are a type of accessory that provides visibility and therefore safety during the ride. In order to choose the best bicycle lights, you must determine the needs you have as a cyclist. 

Bike lights according to location

One of the factors to consider when buying lights for a bike is where they are going to be placed.

Bike headlights are an essential safety feature to avoid accidents if you are going to take your bike out at night or in the evening. Front lights must always be white.

This type of light allows you to see the road and be seen. Ideal for use on roads, unlit paths or paths with poor visibility, unfavourable weather conditions, etc. They usually include a mechanism to help secure them to the handlebars. Outstanding options include Knog or Infini.

Bicycle rear lights help to keep the safety distance between vehicles by helping to see if the distance between the two is correct. They are placed on the bicycle seatpost and must be red.

When selecting the rear lights it is important to check that they provide side lighting, especially if the bike is used in urban areas. The more lighting, the more protected and safe the rider will be against possible overtaking manoeuvres by drivers. You will find brands such as Blackburn, Knog and Kryptonite at Santafixie.

Bike light sets offer you the option of purchasing the front light and the rear light in one pack. They are easy to assemble bike light kits. The front light is placed on the handlebars while the rear light is placed on the bike's seatpost. Outstanding are the sets offered by brands such as Urban Proof and Blackburn

Light types

Different kinds of bicycle lights can be found, such as the following:.

Powerful bike lights are essential if you want to use them on a mountain or gravel bike or if you are going to ride for hours on poorly-lit roads or in low visibility. 

Bicycle lights using LED technology are characterized by very high brightness. In addition, they are usually adjustable to better adapt to each circumstance, offering intense, regular or low light.

Among LED lights, the 'Cree' LEDs stand out, as they can work as low-or-high intensity lights, or even fog lights, with a much wider range than Xenon kits. Noteworthy are options such as those by Knog and Blackburn.

Front and rear bike lights can be recharged via a USB cable. They offer the advantage of not having to buy batteries for operation and have a simple charging mode.

They can have a USB plug already integrated, so you can connect them directly to an USB port without any cables. Worthy of note are USB lights such as those by Kryptonite and Knog.

Bicycle lights usually work in two modes: fixed and flashing. Flashing lights are especially useful for riding in urban areas with heavy traffic and which may not have an established bicycle lane. Prominent brands include Urban Proof and Knog.

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