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How to Choose the Bike that Suits You Best

At Santafixie we sell different kinds of bikes through our e-commerce. Our aim is that people move around the city by bike, whether it is for fun or as a means of transport.

In our catalogue you will find all kinds of city bikes. We also have bikes for different disciplines, such as track bikes, gravel bikes and cyclocross bikes.

Get the bike that best suits your needs and your budget. We also offer bikes with discounts so you can buy your bike at the best price.

Fixie bikes

Fixie bikes, also known as single-speed bikes, are bikes with only one rear cog and whose pedals will always move while the wheels turn.

Thanks to the pedals, you will be able to advance, go backwards or even brake, hitting them with a braking force. They are light, simple and don’t need as much maintenance as a multi-gear bike. Nowadays, fixie bikes are the city’s bikes par excellence.

Track bikes

Track bikes are high-performance bikes aimed to be used professionally and in competition. They are normally used in velodromes and closed circuits.

Track bike frames can be made of different materials such as steel and aluminium, or even carbon, if a lighter bike is sought for. As a rule of thumb, they have a more aerodynamic design than standard urban bikes.

Urban/city bikes

City bikes, also known as urban bikes, are noteworthy for their variety and versatility on the market. They are used daily all around the world, and are a sustainable, healthy and economic means of transport, favoured by many people.

They offer great comfort and trustworthiness thanks to the components they are built with. When ridden, the cyclist’s body leans forward, more than it does when riding a promenade bike. Amongst urban bikes, different subtypes can be found:

  • Commuter bikes

Commuter bikes are the ones used mostly to go and come from work. They are an easier, agile and intelligent choice against urban mobility problems.

They feature sophisticated designs, offer an agile drive and have very functional features.

Promenade bikes are designed for a practical transportation. They are mainly used for short rides, freight transport or simply to ride around the city.

Promenade bikes are also offered as a public transport option in some cities, so that they are more widely used and thus help reduce pollution caused by private and public motor vehicles.

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, come with an electric motor that supplements the power provided by the rider through the pedals.

There are several models of electric bikes, each one designed to adapt to the rider’s needs.

Folding bikes are generally equipped with 20-inch wheels. They feature hinges at different places on the frame and components, in order that the bike can be fold and reduce its original size.

Folding bikes can be taken to the office, carried on public transport or taken to places where a conventional bike wouldn’t stand a chance.

Folding e-bikes are the result of combining a foldable and an electric bike. They offer great performance and comfort thanks to how easy they can be transported and stored.

They are designed to be used within cities, or on easily accessible grounds. It’s a green and economic means of transport, thanks to its electric motor – it doesn’t pollute, as it produces no gas emissions.

  • Hybrid bikes

Hybrid bicycles are very versatile and can fulfill different needs, such as working out, riding around the city or commuting between work and home.

Most hybrid bikes are built to be fitted with mudguards and racks.

Adventure bikes

Adventure bikes are mainly used for traveling and finding new places along the route. They are fine for either short, one-day trips, and also for longer voyages, 1- or 2-weeks long. Whether it’s a long or a short trip you’re planning, an adventure bike will be a great choice.

Gravel bikes are derived from cyclocross bikes. They are a combination of a road bike and an MTB. They are a combination of road bike and mountain bike, designed so that you can ride on broken terrain, forest tracks and gravel roads, but you can also ride them on the road. They look very similar in design to a road bike, but with a geometry and components adapted to ride on different terrains.

Cyclocross bikes are similar to road bikes, with small changes made to their geometry and design. Their tyres are wider and tougher, to help the rider advance with ease while offering a greater mobility, no matter the ground condition. They are normally used in competitions, within closed circuits and on different grounds, whether they are natural or artificial.