Track / Sprint Bikes

Why choose track bikes?

As a store specialised in urban cycling, at Santafixie we have the best models of track bikes, also called velodrome or sprint bikes.

High performance bikes intended to be used in velodromes and circuits but that you can also use in cities. If you are looking for a fixie bike that you can also use on a track, you will find what you are looking for here.

What are the advantages of track bikes?

Track bikes are a great choice if you are looking for lightweight, aerodynamic models and to ride with great agility. Since they are bikes intended for velodromes, they are very rigid bikes, whose frames are not usually welded and are made of one single piece, with a design which is ready to absorb the impacts generated by the accelerations they are subjected to.

In this way they are, generally, bikes aimed at competition, made mostly of high-performance materials such as carbon. 

In addition to this, since they do not have braking or gear mechanisms, it is an added extra that they are lightweight bikes, generally between 7 and 10kg in total weight.

One of the big advantages that makes track bikes stand out compared to other fixie bikes are their great aerodynamics. The entire design of the bikes is created for a high performance, including the wheels, which are usually made of very dynamic materials and designs.

What should you bear in mind when it comes to buying a track bike?

Due to the nature of track bikes, they work with a fixed gear system. They are bikes without gears, which favour consistent pedalling and without sudden changes of speed, which makes competitions in velodromes safer.

This also means that track bikes do not have brakes, so you have to brake by pedalling less intensely. As you can see, some models incorporate brakes, making them more adaptable to different surroundings.

You are bound to be thinking about the price of track bikes, and it is true that they can be a type of bike that requires a higher investment than other models. However, you should consider that, by buying a track bike, you are buying a high range model, with latest generation materials thanks to which you will enjoy a super-fast, streamlined bike that you will be able to use in velodromes as well as being worth of use as a fixie.

Brands you can find at Santafixie

In our catalogue we have brands that offer models from different ranges, so you will also be able to find an affordable track bike that better suits your needs if you aren’t looking for high performance or aspiring to compete.

This is the case, for example, with Fuji, which offers the Track Elite Carbon Citrus 2019 model for more ambitious riders, and the Bikes Track 2020, one of the most affordable bikes in the store. We also have models from other historic track cycling brands such as the Italian, Cinelli, whose quality is beyond doubt.

These classic brands and models are complemented with the offerings from brands which are younger and more focussed on urban cycling. Among them we have models from the Spanish brand Poloandbike, as well as interesting bikes from booming brands like the Canadian Aventon Bikes, the American State Bicycle, the popular offerings of 6KU or La Piovra bikes, models from the London based BLB.