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Classic Bikes

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Classic Bikes

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Why choose a Cassic Bike for your day-to-day life in the city?

Classic Bikes are ideal for daily use. Whether you use them as a means of transport to go to work, shopping or to university or you use them for leisure to go for rides around the city.

Classic Bikes will enable you to go to work while you enjoy a comfortable journey at the same time, and all while you avoid opting for other more polluting means of mobility.

What are the advantages of Classic Bikes?

Classic bikes have many advantages since they enable a safe and comfortable mobility in everyday life. These bikes are ideal both for short and medium distances around town: to go shopping, to work, to school or university, or even to take your children to nursery.

  • Comfort

The major advantage of classic bikes is their comfort. The way of sitting, the height of the handlebars and how they are ridden enable us to have a very good visibility and to be relaxed while we peddle. The quality and performance of the classic bike components is not as important as it might be in other cycling disciplines. Here, what matters most is the comfort, the durability of the components and accessories we place on the bike, and especially the ease of use.

  • Means of transport

Classic bikes are a safe means of transport. Thanks to the special lanes for this type of vehicle that can be found in practically all cities, and the bike accessories that have the aim of increasing the protection of the user, such as helmets and knee pads, riding a city bike is something that doesn’t carry risks.

  • Saving and ecology

In addition, classic bikes will enable you to save. If you use them as a means of transport, you will avoid having to pay for fuel or a travel card at the same time as committing to a sustainable and environmentally friendly means of mobility.

Classic bikes for men and women

At Santafixie, we have a good collection of classic bikes for women and also for men. Although in the past, bikes with a low bar were designed especially for women for their ease of mounting and dismounting wearing a skirt, and the high bar for men, nowadays this differentiation is no longer particularly relevant. These girls bikes with a low bar are clearly identified as traditional classic bikes.

Dutch city bikes

You will also be able to find our selection of Dutch bikes that are characterised for having a geometry capable of guaranteeing an upright and comfortable posture that will enable you to enjoy the scenery you ride through.

These bikes normally have a steel frame, an integrated gear hub and a contrapedal brake, resulting in an ideal model for use in the city. A type of classic bike which is also characterised for its vertical positioning mixed with a classic design and retro style.

What should you bear in mind when it comes to buying a classic bike?

When buying a classic bike, the first thing you should bear in mind is the size of the bike. You can generally be guided by your height when it comes to choosing the size, but it is ideal to measure your inseam and multiply it by 0.65. The result will give you the ideal size.

So that your journey is more pleasant, it is fundamental for the seat to be comfortable. For this, you should choose ergonomic options and, if they are detachable, you will be always be able to change it more easily.

Also consider the weight of the bike. The lighter the classic bike you buy, the less effort you need to make, so lighter options will also be the most comfortable.

Advantages of buying on Santafixie

In our catalogue you will be able to buy affordable classic bikes, for a little over 250 euros and, of course, better quality bikes. You will also be able to add accessories such as a basket, lights so you can be seen at night or a padlock to protect the bike from being stolen.

We also have classic bike helmets so you can protect yourself in any accident, gloves to prevent chafing and, ultimately, all types of accessories and items for your classic bike.