Folding Bikes

Why choose Folding Bikes to move around the city?

Folding bikes are the ideal solution for the city cyclist who needs a bike that takes up very little space. It is also recommended for those who can not leave it parked on the street and need to bring it to your home, office, workplace, studio, cafeteria, bar or cafe.

They are really practical if you have little space at home, or if you have to travel great distances every day and need to combine cycling with other modes of transport like the bus or train, as it allows you to take it easily with you occupying a minimal amount of space. Thanks to the fact that it folds and becomes very compact, you will not have to lock it up on the street, reducing the chances of theft to zero.

The frames of foldable bikes are usually made of steel or aluminum. These are the two materials most commonly used by manufacturers. And the handlebars are usually riser bars. They are bikes designed and recommended for daily commutes, they are not usually ridden on unpaved roads.

What are the advantages of folding bikes?

Thanks to folding city bikes, now you can enjoy the comforts of city bikes in a more practical way for their use and enjoyment. Far from being an emergency solution, this type of bike covers all of the needs of city bikes

With them, you will save space for their storage and transportation, and they can be kept at home with little space, store them with no problem in the office you ride to... You will also gain versatility in your transport options: with it you can combine your pedalling with public transport when necessary. You will even be able to check them in more easily to take with you on holiday and explore your destinations!

What should you bear in mind when it comes to buying a folding bike?

When it comes to buying your folding bike, it is important to envision what you will use it for. Given that the main reasons to trust a folding bike is its ease of storage, you should take a good look at the size it takes up when folded: it may be a model that you like but then doesn’t fit in the lift or your car boot.

If you are going to need to fold your bike quite often to take it on public transport, in your car, climb the stairs... it is obvious that the weight will be very important factor. The weight of folding bikes is greater compared to conventional bikes due to the material their mechanisms are made of, but you can find options of just over 9 kilos which are very close to any model of classic city bike.

Obviously, the prices of folding bikes will also depend on their quality.  Consider whether you will make a lot of use of your new companion, using it every day and folding it a lot (which may cause a certain amount of wear and tear), and if so, don’t skimp on it: have not doubt it will be worthwhile.

Furthermore, if you are thinking about your routes and the use you will make of it, and you think you will be making journeys with hills, if you doubt your physical fitness level for certain mileage or you simply want to save yourself unnecessary effort and reach all of your destinations without sweating, you're in luck. In our catalogue you can find different folding electric bikes from the Barcelona-based brand Tucano Bikes, with which you will have an engine system that will activates when you pedal. Thanks to this, folding bikes can adapt to all types of user.