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Gravel Bikes

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Gravel Bikes

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Why choose gravel bikes?

Gravel bikes are the best choice for riders who want to ride on both urban roads and rural trails, without losing precision or speed on both terrains.

Gravel bikes, also called adventure bikes, are tougher than traditional road bikes, and more agile and faster than mountain bikes. They are designed to cope with many different surfaces and offer the possibility of carrying backpacks or bags.

A gravel bike is intended to be more durable and robust than a standard road bike. The frame geometry, head tube and bottom bracket are designed to offer more stability and comfort. It has wider tyres for tackling dirt, mud  and gravel roads with ease and a wider gear range.

What are the advantages of gravel bikes?

One of the most obvious advantages of gravel bikes is their versatility: with them you can plan a wide variety of routes without having to worry about the terrain. You can ride with agility on the road and also feel safe on trails, thus achieving a truly unique cyclotourism experience. Gravel cycling is a growing trend, and with good reason.

To discover as many landscapes as possible on your travels, you need to look for your comfort, and the geometry of this type of bike does ensure it. You will gain confidence to ride on all types of terrain and comfort to stay on the pedals for as long as possible, without worrying about your bike’s survival..

Moreover, thanks to the many different options available, the prices of gravel bikes not only do not skyrocket compared to other modality bikes such as cyclocross or road bikes, but in many cases they are much more affordable.

What should you consider when buying a gravel bike?

When buying a gravel bike, there are a few things to consider. As the possible use of this type of bike is very varied, so are the options regarding the frameset material, to get a great performance out of them depending on the circumstances.Bikes can be classified according to the type of material by the material from which the frame is made:

  • Carbon gravel bikes. Carbon is not so common in a gravel bike, but high-end models constructed with this material can be found. They result in light and comfortable bikes, which offer high-quality performance due to their use of carbon fibre. However, they can turn out not so robust in comparison to other materials.

  • Steel gravel bikes. In the case of steel gravel bikes, we have strength and reliability for the more adventurous. A more classic material that leaves the bikes ready to take it all, both on trails with different surfaces and in the city. In the same way, you can also be sure that the frame will not suffer when supporting all kinds of loads and weights.

  • Aluminium gravel bikes. You can also opt for an aluminium gravel bike, which is as versatile as other types of bikes. Robustness, lightness and reliability to withstand the weight of the bulks that are so common in gravel bikes.

Please don’t forget to check if the size of your bike is the right one: a good posture is essential on a bike, especially if you intend to spend many hours on it, as is the case with a gravel bike. 

Accessories and spare parts for gravel bikes

Finally, take it easy when looking for ideal gravel bike deals: you can end up adapting a given model to your experience if you buy the right accessories. Keep in mind that, on long routes, it is essential to have the necessary spare parts so that you don't find yourself without them mid-route.

  • That's why we have inner tubes and tyres adapted to the sizes of your gravel wheels, and to very diverse terrains.

  • For your trips where you need to carry weight, it will be essential to transport it comfortably: that's why you should look for the right bags and panniers, as well as a rack, if you don't already have one installed.

  • If you're going for an all-terrain adventure, a good mudguard can also be useful to prevent it from getting dirty so easily.

And to tailor your bike to your needs, we also have a number of essential items:

  • Spare parts for your gravel frame, with which you can get high-quality models.

  • Particularly interesting would be to look for a gravel handlebar that enhances your riding experience even more with unrivalled comfort.

Likewise, for your comfort you should find the ideal saddle for this type of bike.