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    BLB Lockdown Straps - Black

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    BLB Lockdown Velcro straps for cyclists:
    Manufacturer: BLB.
    Colour: Black.

    BLB Lockdown Straps - Black

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    BLB Lockdown Velcro straps for cyclists:
    · The mechanism is a whole lot simpler than any other straps I’ve used with no fiddly buckles or fittings.
    · Large Velcro polyester strap cover.
    · Features a 3M reflective logo for safe night time sessions.
    · Material: Velcro.


    If you're looking for quality, the BLB Lockdown Straps are the ones for you! They're some of the most affordable straps on the market. They have passed multitude of tests, and even after one year of continuous testing they've proven to be extremely durable. No matter what they are faced to, they will surely last.

    About BLB

    This little East London shop quickly grew to be Europe’s fixie Mecca; stocked full with a dazzling variety of track components from vintage classics to the funky and new.

    As request grew for our own Brick Lane Bikes brand ‘BLB’ and demand for ‘hard to source’ quality components increased, Brick Lane Bikes’ BigMama distribution was launched.

    Passionate to quench the thirst for unique fixed components to all shops small and large throughout Europe and beyond.

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