At Santafixie we want everyone to be able to enjoy urban cycling and everything that surrounds it. That is why in our online store you can find a wide variety of BLB bicycle components and BLB accessories, one of the most popular fixed gear brands in Europe.
On our website you can also find a category with the best offers and discounts of the BLB brand so that you have within reach the wide variety of all its bicycle products and accessories.

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BLB, the European Mecca of the Fixie movement

A dream come true

BLB is the brainchild of Jan and his partner Feya. Jan worked as a messenger courier, riding the streets of London by bicycle every day. His main aim was to set up one of the first shops in London that specialised in fixie bikes.

Brick Lane, an iconic setting

The couple stopped talking and got to work at making their dream a reality. In 2006, they opened a bicycle accessories stall at the large and popular Brick Lane market in central London. The market boasts a great diversity of cultures and all kinds of stalls can be found there.

Thanks to the wide range of bicycle products and spare parts they sold, they managed to create a very unique and iconic stall where people from all over the UK would come to find the accessories they needed to finish assembling their fixie bikes.

Before the arrival of the big fixed-gear boom, Jan and Feya realised how popular the sale of their products was and decided to open a more stable and professional shop. That was when they began to offer something that virtually no one was doing at that time.

Exclusive products for their customers

In the past, fixie bikes weren't easy to find. It took time, creativity and the necessary components to create these exclusive bikes.

Jan and Feya were fully dedicated to working on customising the bikes of each of their customers to give them the bike of their dreams. Furthermore, Jan advised and assisted his customers in choosing the bicycle frame, wheels, saddle and handlebars.

To offer this versatility of products, they had to go beyond the status quo. His main intention was to seek out brands from all over the world in order to acquire them.

More than just a brand

Due to the high demand and the need for fixie parts, Jan and Feya decided to create their own components themselves under the name BLB. In doing so, they managed to create a very prestigious name for themselves in the world of fixie bikes. Thanks to the uniqueness and wide range of their products, they started to receive a lot of messages from people in various cities all over Europe who wanted to buy their products.

After a year of manufacturing their own products, BLB's success grew exponentially and they decided to create their own distribution company, called Big Mama.

This distribution channel distributes the BLB brand's own product range, which is continuing to expand.

Collaboration with H&M

While maintaining the importance of the fixed gear, clothing brand H&M proposed a collaboration with them as a means to celebrate and translate into fashion all the culture that surrounds urban cycling.

The launch of their products was a success and thanks to this, they now have an exclusive range of jackets and T-shirts that serve as a link between fashion and city bikes.

The best of BLB can be found at Santafixie

At Santafixie, we want everyone to be able to enjoy urban cycling and everything related to it. That's why you can find a wide variety of BLB bicycle components and BLB accessories in our online shop, one of the most popular fixed gear brands in Europe.

Furthermore, we also stock exclusive BLB equipment so you can go out on the street and show everyone your passion for urban cycling.

But that's not all, our website also features a category with the best BLB brand offers and discounts, so that you have a wide variety of all its products and accessories for bicycles at your fingertips.