10 basic accessories for your gravel bicycle


Now you have your shiny new gravel bicycle and a way to explore the world beyond the city limits, but … What about everything else? Have you thought about how to take the essentials for your trips that last several days? And for short journeys? Did you know that your bike probably comes without factory pedals? You’re not going far without pedals… Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. We bring you 10 accessories for your gravel bicycle.

1. WTB Tyres

Your bike’s standard tyres are usually of medium-low quality so that each cyclist can ride the tyres that best suit their needs. If they do not convince you, it is best to change them before using them so that you can sell them in second-hand shops. We recommend two models of the brand WTB. On the one hand are the Cross Boss TCS Fast Rolling, which have a very marked pattern, almost MTB-like, providing a spectacular grip on land and low resistance on asphalt to have a very compact central tread. On the other hand, we have the Exposure Road, the perfect tyres if your routes are dominated by asphalt terrains but you need grip on gravel tracks.

WTB Tyres

2. TFHPC handlebars

You are going to spend many hours on your gravel bike and you need a handlebar that offers several positions in which you can put your hands. The bars of the TFHPC handlebar bend in three planes to create an extra wide lower part maintaining a shallow drop ideal for gravel rides.

3. Cinelli Camouflage bar tape

Give your gravel bike an adventurous touch with this camouflage-style Cinelli handlebar tape. Made of rubber, it is 30% thicker than normal providing extra comfort by better absorbing ground imperfections.

4. Kryptonite lights

You never know when it’s going to get dark when you go out on the gravel so it’s best to always carry a front light and a rear light in the bag. We have fallen in love with Kryptonite lights, that’s why we recommend this pack. The front Kryptonite Alley F-650, which offers up to 26 hours in flash mode (to be visible) and 12 hours in Low Steady mode, with a power of 100 lumens of power. And the rear, just as important to be seen when you’re out on the road, the Avenue R-45, with 12 hours of on-time in economy mode.

Kryptonite lights

Kryptonite lights

5. Crank Brothers Egg Beater 1 pedals

The Egg Beater 1 pedals are perfect for gravel, that much is clear. They clear the mud very easily, have 4 positions to grab the shoe clips and are extra light. In addition they are made of steel, so they are strong enough to handle most hits they may receive.

Crank Brothers Egg Beater 1 pedals

6. Park Tool IB-3 Multi-tool

In the mountains, on the road or anywhere you go with your bike, you have to be self-sufficient. Obviously, other cyclists you meet will offer to help you in case you lack an air pump, an inner tube or any tool, but you never know when or where you can see yourself in a tricky situation with no one in sight. That’s why you have to carry everything you’ll need with you. In this case, with the Park Tool IB-3 multiple key you will have all the tools covered (even a chain cutter). Add an inner tube and a pump and you have it all.

Park Tool IB-3 Multi-tool

7. Restrap bags

The best way to carry everything you need on your bike is in bags. Whether on the frame, handlebars or saddle, it’s the best way to carry the weight. Much better than a backpack, which ends up loading your back and making you sweat more than you should. Restrap backpacks are handmade in London and are quickly attached thanks to their use of velcro, without the need for screws.

8. Kask Valegro helmet

It is always recommended to wear a helmet and even more so when going out to areas with broken tracks or trails. Be careful, also when going by road. Although it is not obligatory to wear it in some cities, it is always recommended. For gravel trips where we are going to spend many hours on the bike it is best to wear a well ventilated helmet, such as the Kask Valegro. It has 37 holes, an antibacterial padding and weighs just 180 grams.

9. Brooks England front and rear panniers

If the frame bags don’t have enough capacity for your gravel trip you should look at some pannier bags. For example, the outer lining of the Brooks Suffolk is made from a waterproof polyester that takes on the texture of cotton for a real fabric look and has a capacity of up to 22 litres. It also has external pockets for quicker and easier access to small objects. For the front you also have the option of the Brooks England Norfolk, a combination of saddlebags with the historical and rural character of these English counties fit perfectly in the image of Brooks.
Brooks England

Brooks England

10. Kryptonite Keeper Mini-6 lock

We hope it never happens to you, but getting your bike stolen in the middle of a trip would be one of the worst things that can happen to you. That’s why it’s better to be safe and always carry a lock, so you can park your bicycle and peacefully visit any place of interest on your route. With everything you’re going to carry on your bike it should make little difference to add a lightweight but durable lock. The Kryptonite Keeper Mini-6 is the solution. Made of 12 mm tempered steel, it is resistant to hand tools and weighs just 750 grams.
Kryptonite Keeper Mini-6 lock

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