17 things you’ll only understand if you ride a fixed-gear bike


Have you ever noticed that nobody understands why you ride a fixie? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. All of us fixed-gear cyclists understand. If you think about it, there’s something totally unique about our passion for this type of cycling that doesn’t seem normal to other cyclists. From the David vs. Goliath-like struggle against steep roads and weaving through traffic to the self-sufficiency of fixing any mechanical issues ourselves, fixed gear is unique, and it’s got its own thing going on.

17 in particular, according to Zach Gallardo, the famous American fixed gear YouTuber. Zach is also an experienced fixed-gear cyclist, he knows what he’s talking about, and he’s made a video about those particularities that make us different. Below you can watch the ultimate video guide to understanding 17 things only fixed-gear cyclists will understand. Used parts, the absolute disregard for the weight of the components, the use of straps … Sorry, no more spoilers, how many of these 17 things do you do? The video is in English, but you can add subtitles.

If you liked the video, take a look at Zach Gallardo’s Youtube channel, and in particular at these two videos of an in-depth review of the Santafixie Raval. We think he was pretty impressed. 😉

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