ABUS or Kryptonite: Which lock should I choose for my bike?

abus or kryptonite

¿ABUS or Kryptonite? Do you want a secure lock for your bike, but you are doubting between these two brands? Which one is the most suitable for your needs? What is the most convenient type of lock? These and many other questions will come to your mind and, perhaps, you don’t have enough information to  come up with a clear answer. However, you don’t have to worry anymore, you have come to  the right place! We, as professionals in this sector, are going to give you a hand.

Kryptonite Bike Locks

candados kryptonite

A lock is an essential part of every bicycle. Many people make the mistake of considering it a  secondary accessory, and pay for this by seeing their bike stolen within a few days. Because of this, assuming you don’t want to lose your bike, you should always check out the best manufacturers of locks. Kryptonite is one of them. With more than 40 years of experience, Kryptonite has designed all its products with the aim of protecting everything of real importance, including bicycles. Precisely for this reason we are going to present you the advantages and  disadvantages of their products.

Advantages and disadvantages Kryptonite bike locks

Reliability and durability Little variety in the catalogue
Excellent customer service Lightweight
Offers anti-theft protection
Competitive pricing


  • Reliability and durability. This American brand produces padlocks of the highest quality. They are perfectly reliable and their hardness and resistance to theft attempts is amazing.
  • Excellent customer service. If there is one thing this manufacturer stands out for, it is their  customer service. If you lose your keys, they will send you new ones free of charge, and if your key breaks inside the lock, they will send you another lock and reimburse the locksmith’s costs. 
  • It offers anti-theft protection. For only 30 euros every 3 years, this brand offers an anti-theft  service. That is, if your bike is stolen by breaking its lock, they will compensate you when you send  them the theft report.
  • Competitive price. Their padlocks are usually among the cheapest in their range.


  • There is not much variety in the catalog compared to the competition. In this sense, if you find just what you need among their products, everything will be fine, but if you are looking for very specific features in terms of size and shape, this may not be the manufacturer for you.
  • Their padlocks are not always the lightest padlocks you can find. However, this is a  consequence of the robustness and security they offer.


ABUS Bike Locks

candados abus

Ya has podido comprobar cómo Kryptonite es un fabricante de candados nada despreciable, pero no es el único. Por eso, creemos relevante prestar atención a otro de ellos: ABUS, un fabricante que mantiene la calidad como elemento principal en todos sus diseños y desarrollos de producto.

Advantages and disadvantages ABUS bike locks

Reliability and durabilityAmount of your products
Variety in the catalogAnti-theft cover


  • Reliability and durability. This is the same as Kryptonite. In both cases, these are  manufacturers whose security has been proven for years by thousands of satisfied customers.  You can have complete peace of mind if you go to ABUS, it is a reliable, recognised and serious brand. 
  • Variety in the catalog. The years in the market have allowed them to produce more and  more different padlocks, so they offer you a large number of different shapes and sizes.
  • Lightweight. ABUS has invested a lot of money and research time in trying to develop padlocks  capable of losing weight without sacrificing security.


  •  The price of their products. Quality has to be paid for, that is logical. But no matter what you  are talking about, there are always manufacturers who offer products at a slightly lower price  than others. In this case, ABUS products are always among the most expensive. However, as we say, it is an  investment in security.
  • Anti-theft coverage. We have already seen how Kryptonite offers exceptional customer service  and anti-theft coverage. However, on this point, ABUS is not as competitive and does not offer  as wide a range of services.


ABUS Granit X-Plus vs Kryptonite New York STD

It can be said that, at least up to this point, we have been showing you rather theoretical  aspects of these brands and locks. However, we think you might be interested in two real-life cases of padlocks from  the brands we have been looking at here. For that reason, we have chosen the following  products.

Kryptonite New York Standard

Candado en U Kryptonite New York Standard



  • It has a hardened steel arch with a thickness of 18 millimeters, capable of withstanding  burglary attempts with crowbars and shears. 
  • On the locking side, it has an extra steel cover to offer double security. 
  • The lock is centered with the latch to withstand lever attacks. 
  • The lock has a double locking mechanism and a maximum security cylinder. 
  • To avoid damaging the paintwork of your bike, it has a protective vinyl cover. 
  • It has 3 keys, one with LED light. 
  • It measures 8.3 x 15.3 centimeters and weighs 2.1 kilograms. 
  • It is covered by the Key Safe Program explained above. 


ABUS Granit X-Plus

Candado Abus Granit X Plus 540/160HB230



  • It has a square cross-section and a 13 millimeter thick steel that is very dense to prevent cutting. ● It measures 30 x 11 centimeters and weighs 1.8 kilograms. 
  • The lock is manufactured with the X Plus cylinder specially designed to resist tampering and  pick picking. 
  • Includes two keys, one with LED light. 
  • The steel used in all parts is hardened and of high quality. 
  • An additional or replacement key can be ordered with the Abus Code card.
  • It includes a KlickFix system for attaching the lock to the bike (provided it has a frame between  28 and 36 millimeters). 

In conclusion, you now have objective and unbiased information about which brand is better,  ABUS or Kryptonite. As you have seen, both manufacturers have pros and cons, and it is up to  you to choose which one you prefer for your case. We, of course, are professionals in the world  of bicycles, and if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help you out. Long live bikes! 


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