Alleycats Movie


The Alleycats movie, the first by director Ian Bonhote, aims to explore the universe of illegal fixed gear racing (alleycats) in London. The director and technical team launched a campaign to seek funding through Kickstarter, which was a success, raising in a short time more than expected.

aleycats 2
Filming of the Alleycats movie

Only recently the main shooting of the film was finished on the streets of London, so everything is going smoothly and the release date is approaching.

Alleycats, controversial races, undergrounds, little or nothing known to mainstream audiences and the media have been celebrated for many years in many cities around the world. The participants meet at a point in the city. The start is given and everyone runs to catch their bicycle. The race consists of going first to a point, check in and then to another point in the city. The route is completely free, each participant can go wherever they want.

Scene from the Alleycats movie

We’ll leave you with the movie trailer:

And to finish off here’s an interview that Pedlas magazine, specialised in city cycling, held in London with the director of the film Ian Bonhote.

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