Bicycle Stands

bicycle stand

Are you lucky enough to have a storage locker or, even better, a room to store your bike or bicycles? Do you also have a shelf or wardrobe for all the accessories? Does the space it occupies cause you problems or arguments? In short … Do you store your bicycle correctly inside the house or do you have it on the balcony outdoors?

Whether you have a lot or just a little space, the best, safest and “healthiest” for your bicycle is to keep it indoors and secured or stowed with a bicycle stand. If you have small children, pets or cleaning robots, you must ensure that the bike cannot fall on any of these living beings or electronics, and above all, that the bike stays damage-free.

Wall, ceiling and floor-standing type brackets are available. Here are the best options for each of the types of bike stands available at Santafixie that will keep your bike safe.

Wall mounts are especially useful if you don’t have a lot of space or if you need to store several bikes. They usually come with screws, plugs and a template to simply drill holes in the wall and screw to install them. There are basic but robust, from steel, as the Bike Hand YC-101, suitable for any type of bike and perfect for installing in the garage or storeroom.

bicycle stands

If you are going to store your bike in the living room or in a home office, the Cycloc brackets are the best option. There are several models, such as the Cycloc Solo, which has a central space in which we can leave the padlock or gloves. The Cycloc supports, available in various colours, have a minimalist design that fits perfectly with the decoration of the hall. Other models of Cycloc wall bicycle supports are: Cyclo Endo, Cycloc Hero and Cycloc Loop, ideal for storing helmets or any other accessory.

bicycle stand

The option of storing your bicycle using your roof is the best option if you live in a small flat. By means of pulleys or in a fixed position, as for example in the Pendant Rack model, the bike is suspended in the air. This is the safest option, nothing and no one will touch your bike.

bicycle stands

There are several types of floor racks. On the one hand we can find those that allow you to park several bicycles. They are normally used in workplaces or schools as they are useful to leave the bicycle tied with a u-lock or chain lock. There are also for single bikes, such as the Bike Hand YC-109H, which is used in shops, or at home, to display a bicycle to visitors.

Take a look and choose the best for you in our bicycle stands section in Santafixie.

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