Build your own wooden bike

wooden bike

Given the current shortage of supplies, shipping delays and high demand of bikes and components, building your own wooden bike can be a good, valid solution.

What would you need? Apart from a bunch of tools, 200 hours of working, patience and glue, you’ll need wood, wood and wood. Now that cold weather is starting to assert its presence, one feels less likely to cycle outside, so such a project may be a good alternative to becoming a couch potato until next spring. Below these lines, there’s a video that you can use as a step-by-step guide for manufacturing and assembling it:

As you can see, this bike has no brakes and no gears, so one could say that the only wooden bike out there is a singlespeed bike. Dare you try? We will give you some Santafixie stickers, and a T-Shirt, if you assemble it and send us a picture of your creation at [email protected]

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