Cycling glasses that everyone wants


How many stories and posts have you seen lately of rappers, celebrities and influencers with cycling glasses?

Thousands! and there are few who have not succumbed to this fashion that has been seen on the catwalks across the world.

If at the beginning of the summer the cycling shorts have been a must for the girls, now it’s the turn of the cycling sunglasses. And it’s all because the cyclist lifestyle is cool!

cycling sunglasses

cycling sunglasses celebrities

Singers like Rita Ora, Pharrel Williams, Jared Leto or celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Chiara Ferragni no longer go out without their star accessory. Even Princess Anne, English royalty, uses this style of glasses to attend her events. Yes, you read that right! In addition, luxury brands such as Prada, Versace and even Nike or Hawkers have created models inspired by cycling glasses to not miss out on the cyclist-lover fashion.

But, what is it you like so much about a cyclist?

#The feeling
Would you be able to explain in words what you feel every time you roll on the streets of your city or when you go out for miles on the road?

That feeling is yours, it transmits through every pore of your skin and in the same way, you transmit it to others. Therefore, cycling and everything that surrounds the cyclist is fashionable. Everyone wants to feel like bikers at some point in their life. To feel free and be winners like Peter Sagan.

cycling sunglasses

#The social awareness
Every day there are hundreds of new cyclists in the streets and we love that! The social awareness is heavily in favour of urban cycling, for all the clear benefits it brings to our health, and to our planet. #InBikesWeTrust is more alive than ever!

Do not be afraid to think that cycling as a lifestyle becomes mainstream. Each of us lives it in a different way. It is our moment of escape, of fun and those unique daily experiences are, generally, indescribable.

#El look

Last but not least! Most people like fashion. Going for a ride with new shoes, a cap or a backpack that matches your bike and not at odds with your two wheels. And, let’s not kid ourselves, we all like to go well-dressed on the bike.

Abel Rincón with his Ride100% Speedcraft SL Yellow Fluor-Pink glasses click to see the video

It’s clear that here at Santafixie we are not going to fail you right? After talking so much about cycling fashion and glasses, we have two of the best brands on the market waiting for you to check out.

The Ride100% are the glasses of Peter Sagan. Incredibly comfortable, light, with glass lenses that protect 100% of the UV rays and with lower air intakes to prevent fogging. Something to keep in mind: they come with a spare lens for low-light days, a case, a micro-fibre bag and an additional nose pad. You can choose between several models, sizes, and coloured frames according to your style: Spreedcraft, Speedcoupe, Speedtrap, S2 …

glasses Ride100Percent

Ride100Percent cycling glasses

The Alba Optics glasses are inspired by the glasses of the great legends of cycling in the 80s and 90s. The frame is ergonomic, the arms are strong and curved and the bridge is made of hypoallergenic rubber. They are designed to have a perfect grip on the face and prevent them from falling during a sudden head turn.

The lenses protect against UV rays, intense light and wind. They are 20% lighter than other conventional materials for maximum protection against breaking and stress.

glasses Alba Optics

Alba Optics cyclism glasses

It is clear that if you still do not have sunglasses to use on your bike it is because you must be deciding which model you like the most…

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