Different Ways to Hang or Store Bicycles in Little Room

Different Ways to Hang or Store Bicycles in Little Room

Even riding a bike has its drawbacks! In fact, there’s just one – the room they take up at home. Be honest, it can be really difficult to find the right place for your bike. If you leave it on the corridor or a “crossing point”, you risk bumping into it, damaging it or getting your walls dirty. The balcony isn’t a good choice either, even if you use protective plastic sheets, as humidity will eventually cause the frameset to get rusty. The ideal storage space would be a dedicated room, such as a storage or a spare room. However nowadays that’s a rare bird. Anyway, no matter how much room you have at home, it’s possible to store a bike and have it take up little room.

There are a lot of different bike wall hangers, varying in size, colour, material and many other features. Thanks to this variety, it won’t be hard to find the top bicycle racks that adapt to your room and bike, so that you can store it at home without a care.


3 Ways to Hang or Store Your Bike

One way to hang or store a bike so that it takes up little space at home is to do it on a vertical rack. This kind of support holds the bike preventing it from falling down. They are perfect if you need to use your bike daily and they won’t damage the frameset, as the bike is held by the seatpost and the rear wheel.

You can also do that horizontally: horizontal hangers can hold up to 2, or sometimes even 3, bicycles at once.

Another good way to hang a bike is with a ceiling hanger. This kind of hanger is commonly used in garages and leaves a lot of spare room, as the bike will float over the ground and won’t be taking up any space on the floor or the wall.

Finally, another option is to use a floor stand in order to keep your bike safe at home and not having to deal with leaving it outside. This kind of stand takes up little room and most of them are compatible with any kind of bike.

hang bicycle in office


1. Hanging the bike on the wall

There are different mount models that allow you to hang a bike on a wall. In order to make the right choice, you must consider how much space you need and how many bikes you want to hang. Taking these factors into account, you’ll be able to choose a stand to store your bike horizontally or vertically. These kinds of supports are normally screwed directly to the wall. Make sure they are very tight and that they correctly hold the weight of your bike.

Vertical wall stands use hooks in order to support the front wheel of the bike. Be careful with the rear wheel, as it can stain your wall. It’s good to use some protection to prevent that from happening. They take up little room and are a good choice to place behind doors. A good example of this is the black Cycloc Endo bike storage.

hang bicycle on vertical wall

Horizontal racks are aesthetically pleasing and can even become a piece of decoration, if you choose to give your bike a place in your dining room. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but most of them hold the bike by its horizontal tube. Make sure to correctly place the bike so that it’s balanced.

These kind of stands are very practical and let you store your bike more easily compared to vertical wall mounts. In addition, some horizontal stands have different sections that allow you to store your cycling accessories in them, so they are at a hand’s reach when needed, as can be seen on the Fustafu Delta Coral storage.

hang bicycle on a horizontal wall


2. Storing the bike on the floor

Letting your bike stand on the floor is the most comfortable option, but you must make sure it’s standing correctly and doesn’t risk to fall and get damaged. You can use a floor stand, making sure it’s properly placed so that the stand can work properly and prevent the bike from falling down.

These stands are practical and useful. They tend to hold the bike through different points on the rear wheel

store bicycle with floor stand


3. Hanging the bike from the ceiling

Bike ceiling hangers are less common than wall stands, but have proven equally useful as they leave plenty of spare room. This kind of hangers are especially used in garages and allow the bike to hang and seemingly float in mid air.

It’s essential to ensure this kind of support is well anchored to the ceiling, as it will be standing the whole weight of the bike and can be dangerous if not installed correctly. Make sure to check the maximum weight recommended by the manufacturer and that it adapts to your bike.

These hangers tend to be individual, allowing you to hang only one bike. It will be held by the horizontal tube and must be perfectly balanced to ensure it stays in place.

hang bicycle with ceiling mount


How to Choose the Ideal Mount

Many different mount models are nowadays available, allowing you to hang and keep your bike at home taking up little room. Take into account the following factors: what kind of mount you need (wall or ceiling type, according to the available room you have) and also whether it will be compatible with your bike. We advise to measure the room you intend to keep your bike in beforehand, in order to ensure that it will fit perfectly.

It’s important that the support is installed correctly and safely, in order that it can stand the bike’s weight and don’t cause an accident.

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