Dosnoventa frames at SantaFixie


We know the Dosnoventa guys for a lot of years now. They also live in Barcelona, Santafixie was founded more or less at the same time as Dosnoventa and both companies sponsor the Raw Santafixie Team. We also meet quite frequently during events or meetings.

Because of this relationship and also the evolution of both companies in the last years, we decided that it was high time that one of the most important fixie brands and their frames, maybe the most hunted for ever, had their place in the SantaFixie shop.

So now we are selling the Dosnoventa Kuala Lumpur, Detroit 2 and Houston frames. They all are delivered with free shipping. They are manufactured from Dedacciai aluminium and painted in Italy. The special characteristic is that the bottom bracket is 290mm from the ground, which is high enough to go into curves without fearing that the crankset could touch the ground.

Dosnoventa Kuala Lumpur Frameset

Dosnoventa frames

Dosnoventa Detroit 2 Frameset

Dosnoventa Detroit 2 Frameset

Dosnoventa Houston Frameset

Dosnoventa Houston Frameset

The welding and the finishing of the Dosnoventa frames are really spectacular. So much that all eyes will be on your bike while pedaling in the city, training or competing.

Here we’ll leave you a direct link to the three Dosnoventa frames we have available in our warehouse, ready for immediate and also free shipping 🙂

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