Excitement to the limit at the 8th edition of the Rad Race


It seems like only yesterday that the first Berlin Rad Race started, but it’s been going on for 8 editions now! The last one took place this past weekend and, obviously, it had everything: excitement, spectacle, accidents, beer, music and a spectacular atmosphere.

In the men’s category, the winner was Alec Briggs of London’s Tekkerz team, who beat Augusto Reati thanks to a suicidal manoeuvre, overtaking him, just two corners from the finish line, through a gap that only Alec could have seen. Britain’s Simon Wyllie was third, completing the podium.

The final battle in the women’s category was no less exciting, with Salome beating Tamika Hingst of the Canyon Rad Pack team and Lena Vogl completing the podium.

For our part, we could not be more satisfied with the performance of the Favela Frama riders, a team that we sponsor in their mission and that competed this time with a Santafixie Raval and a Dosnoventa. Victor and Germán made it to the semi-final, setting the bar high for the next editions.

Lise Visser, our new ambassador in the Netherlands, also made her debut with her Santafixie Raval, who managed to get into the final but a collision in front of her took away her chances of progressing to the podium. Well done, Lise!

Here is a series of photos from the event by Dennis Ardnt, Bjoern Reschabek, Yunus Hutterer and Arturs Pavlovs.

We’re already counting down the days to Rad Race 2023!

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