Fixies in Austin (1)


Some time ago, we were travelling around the southern States. More precisely, we went to Austin, New Orleans and Houston. Austin (according to the opinion of a lot of people) is the Texas paradise city. It is modern, with graffiti, concerts, museums, festivals, fresh ideas and bikes. Yes, you read that correctly. Bikes in the home of the car.

In our new blog, we have a category “Pictures” where we show you pictures of fixie bikes we have seen all over the world. And in Austin we saw a lot of bicycles of all kinds. Of course, we have brought some souvenirs from this trip, in the form of pictures of the most beautiful fixies we have seen there. Some fixies and one singlespeed. In a next post, we will show you more!

fixie austin USA

Fixies in Austin




fixie bicycle


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