Fuji Maloja Pushbikes


Last year, the legendary bicycle brand Fuji Bikes started to support their own track cycling team, the Maloja Pushbikers. Fuji wanted to find out if their Fuji Track Elite bike was not just “elite” by name. In fact, Majola Pushbikers managed incredible victories in velodromes all around the world.

Let’s talk about a few of their races in 2016, because if we wrote about all of them we might as well write a book instead! There were many podiums and many victories achieved by the Fuji team in 2016. Nearly 30 podiums! That’s nothing to shy away from!

Maloja Pushbikers

In January and February of 2016 the Majola Pushbikers finished third place in the prestigious Revolution Cycling Series in the United Kingdom. And in the Six Day Berlin, in a great final, they ended in second and fifth place. In May the team debuted with new equipment for the Speed Week in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA), where Bobby Lea won the race.


In October, in the Red Hook Crit Milan, Stefan Schäfer became the first German to win the race, doing so with the Fuji Track Elite, having started from a position at the back of the group. His teammate Matthew Rotherham won the Omnium in the Revolution Series in Glasgow.

Here you have a video:

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