Giro di Mafia


In September, the guys from Keirin Streets embarked on an adventure they called “Giro di Mafia”. 930 kilometres in 8 days with their fixie bikes from Palermo to Rome.

Before starting the trip, the members of Keirin Streets, who live in Czech Republic, contacted us to explain about their particular adventure. We didn’t hesitate for a second to help them.

We’d like to show you some pictures from their route:

Giro di Mafia






You can check out their daily experiences on the Keirin Streets Facebook page, where they explain their routes and kilometres and upload pictures.

The Santafixie team is always willing to help as much as possible to make fixie experiences all over the world happen. Experiences like this which leave their marks, which are really human, the man and his bike, the bike exposed to unusual conditions, to never-before-seen challenges. We take our hats off.

Mucha suerte chicos 🙂

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