Going up a mountain pass in fixed gear is exciting, going down it is even more so

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State Bicycle Co.’s legendary video seriesRiding Fixed, Up Mountains with Pros” has featured stars of professional cycling such as Floyd Landis, Phil Gaimon, Lachlan Morton or unique riders like Leo Rodgers. One thing we are always excited to see in these videos, apart from the effort of climbing these types of passes, is the descent. Some choose to turn the wheel around, mount a front brake and let the freewheel carry them down. But those who descend with a fixed gear have our full recognition.

If you haven’t tried it, and it appeals to you and you have some practice going downhill in the city on a fixed gear, you should give it a try. There is an important factor which includes mental control, and that is that if you usually combine fixed gear bikes with gravel or road bikes, you have to change your mind completely and forget about the brakes, or you will fly off. When descending a fixed-gear hill you will notice that your legs go fast, very fast. But you have to be able to be in control at all times, not to let go and to be able to apply the necessary force to stop, or at least slow down and negotiate the corners without being spat out. The feeling of risk and at the same time control of the bike thanks to the strength of your legs is addictive.

Our friends at State have compiled the best downhill scenes from the aforementioned video series “Riding Fixed, Up Mountains with Pros” in a video of less than 3 minutes, which we obviously recommend.

And you, have you ever ridden up and, above all, down a fixed gear mountain pass?

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  • I’m from Northern California, SF bay area. I’ve climbed and descended Mt Diablo on a 48/17, twice. Highly regarded mountain. I did climb the 400′ segment claimed to be 15-18% only once. That was at the summit. Regarding that, I will say this: eat plenty of bananas and take electrolytes or you will cramp out here.

    Ramsey Emera 2023-06-04 5:01 pm Reply

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