How to Install a Handlebar Tape

Install a Handlebar Tape

Apart from preventing your hands from slipping and damping vibrations caused by the ground, a properly placed handlebar tape will give your bike the final touch at an aesthetics level.

Despite it requiring some practice and ability, changing a handlebar tape is easier than you may think, as long as you have the right instructions and follow them during the whole process. Keep reading and you’ll find the steps to follow and some tricks about an impeccable tape installation.


A Guide to Handlebar Tape Change, Step by Step

1. Remove the old tape

The first thing to do is to remove the old bar tape. While doing so, evaluate the state of the old sticky tape, which holds the brake and shifter cables. Check out its condition and replace it with a new one if necessary.

In case the older tape was installed with glue, you must clean the whole area thoroughly and remove glue remains before starting to put the new one in place.

2. Start installing the new bar tape

Once you’ve removed the old tape and cleaned the area, you can start installing the new tape. First, cut the end of the tape so that it is straight. Then it comes to the decision whether to place it starting by the beginning or the end of the bars. This is a very personal matter, as what’s comfortable for one person may not be so for another one. Once you’ll have decided about this, remove the sticky tape on your new bar tape and start installing it.

Place the end of the tape under the bar, leaving a few extra centimeters that will be inserted inside the handlebar hole and held in place with the bar end plugs at the end. Then, start rolling around the handlebars, leaving the same distance between each turn. Keep tightening the tape strongly during this process, as this will prevent it from getting wrinkles or moving once it’s placed.

how to change the handlebar tape

3. The final touch

Finally, when arriving at the stem, give the tape one last turn so that it and the stem are parallel. Leave the same distance between the tape and the stem on both sides so that it’s uniform. In case you have started placing it by the lower end, you can place a piece of wire tape on the upper side of the bars in order that the end of the bar tape is uniform and tightly secured.

Don’t forget to install the plug ends correctly onto each bar end.

We have made a video to show you how to correctly install your handlebar tape, with guidance, steps and instructions.#HowToDoIt – How to Install a Handlebar Tape.


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