How to Install an Inner Tube and Tyre on a Bike

How to Install an Inner Tube and Tyre on a Bike

A basic ability you should learn in order to be a good cyclist is how to change the inner tube and tyre on your bike. Getting a flat tyre is more common than you may think, and sooner or later you will get one too. It can be next to your home or miles away, under the rain or heavy sunlight. It will eventually happen. That’s why we have written this post, with some pieces of advice about changing an inner tube (when flat) or a tyre (when it’s worn off or has been cracked.

Did you know you only need one tool to install both the inner tube and the tyre? Tyre levers, small, hard plastic pieces that take up very little space, can be taken with you everywhere and make it easier to remove and install bike tyres.

Normally you will get them in 3-piece packs, so that you can use them to lever several points of the rim and remove and set the tyres with ease.

Install an Inner Tube and Tyre on a Bike


Some advice to install a tyre and inner tube on your bike

Let’s go step by step. Now that you know you’ll only need some tyre levers to change your tyre and inner tube, keep reading to find some basic advice in order to perform the change easily.

In order to avoid punctures and to protect the tyres, we recommend you to install a rim tape on each wheel. They are easy to install and will increase your bike’s resistance to punctures. Just make sure that the rim tape is compatible with the width of your wheels.


1. Inserting one of your tyre’s sides

The first thing to do when installing a new tyre is to insert one side of it into your rim. Place the side of the tyre around the whole diameter of the rim. The whole rim’s edge should be covered by the tyre.

in case you need to change your bike’s tyre, pay attention to its size, as it must be compatible with your bike’s wheels.

Install an Inner Tube and Tyre on a Bike


2. Fitting the inner tube under the tyre

Once the tyre is placed around the rim, it’s time to install the inner tube. For a correct placement, put the inner tube valve through the hole on the rim. Then start fitting the inner tube under the tyre. Check that it’s straight and that there are no crooks. Install it little by little, keeping it always in the same position. You can inflate a little in order to make this process easier.

Not all bicycle inner tubes are similar – there’s a wide range of measures and sizes. Check your wheel’s size and choose the inner tube accordingly, to avoid compatibility issues.

If you get a flat tyre amidst a ride, it’s important that you check the inner side of the tyre with your hands in order to find the object that may have caused the issue. It will probably be still there, and you will be able to find it by touch.

Install an Inner Tube and Tyre on a Bike



3. Finish fitting the tyre

Once you have installed the inner tube under the tyre, it’s time to fit the other side of your tyre. Place it under the rim slowly, using the tyre levers to make it easier. Do this carefully so as to not puncture the inner tube accidentally.

Install an Inner Tube and Tyre on a Bike



What do you think of our advice on fitting inner tubes and tyres on your bike? Easy, right? At Santafixie, we don’t want you to be stranded because of a flat tyre.

You can be an expert when it comes to changing inner tubes and tyres, but remember – if you don’t have the right tools to repair a puncture with you, this advice won’t be of any use. Always remember to carry some basic tools with you in case you encounter any technical issue mid-route.

If you still have doubts about the installation of tyres and inner tubes, watch this short video by Santafixie.



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