How to mount a coaster brake wheel?


Today we bring you the basic instructions that will help all of you who want to fit a rear wheel with a coaster brake. For some time now, Spanish, French, Dutch and other European customers, who buy from us regularly, have been ordering a coaster wheel and when they receive it, they call us or send us an email with doubts about how to mount it.

Below, you will find out what tools you need and what steps you must follow to correctly mount a coaster wheel.

What is a coaster brake wheel?

A coaster brake wheel is a rear wheel with a “special hub” attached to the frame chainstay that allows us to progressively brake the bicycle when we move the pedals a little backwards. It is the braking system traditionally used on Northern European bicycles. In contrast to a fixed gear, the hub of the coaster brake wheel rotates voluntarily, identical to the freewheel system.
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Tools needed to remove and fit a coaster brake wheel

In order to remove or fit a wheel with a coaster brake on your bike, you will only need two tools: a screwdriver to tighten the bolt on the hub pin and a spanner to fit and remove the wheel. Pay attention to the dimensions of each component so that the tools are compatible.

montar una rueda contrapedal


How to mount a coaster brake wheel step by step?

1. Put the wheel on your bike

In order to install the wheel correctly, we recommend you to use a stand so that the bicycle is fixed and you can handle it without any problems. The first thing you should do is to install the rear wheel on the frame of your bike to start with the installation.

2. Putting on the chain correctly

Once the backpedal brake wheel has been fitted, you must correctly position the bicycle chain. To do this, we recommend that you start with the sprocket and, once it is on, finish putting it on each tooth of your bicycle’s chainring. If the chain is slack, don’t worry, because the important thing is that it is correctly positioned on each tooth of the drivetrain.

3. Remove the bushing clamp

You will see that the coaster brake hub has a peculiar shape that protrudes as if it were a bicycle derailleur. At its end, it has a metal clamp held in place by a screw. You have to remove this piece and put it on the chainstay of your frame. Bend it so that it fits snugly and attach it to the end of the hub so that you can fix it with the screw and the screwdriver. It is important that you do not tighten it too much, you just have to present it so that the bushing does not move.

4. Correctly adjusting the wheel

With all these steps done, it is time to finish fitting the coaster brake wheel to your bike. Using the spanner, you can tighten the wheel without any problems and you should make sure that the bike chain is not too tight. We recommend that you tighten the nuts progressively so that the wheel is completely centred.

5. Fixing the clamp correctly

The last step of all is to finish securing the clamp correctly. Using the screwdriver and spanner, you can tighten the screw so that the clamp is securely fastened to the chainstay of your bike frame.

If you still have any doubts about how to install the wheel correctly, we have made a short video to help everyone who wants to install a wheel with a coaster brake. You will see that it is very simple and in a short time, you will have the wheel installed on your bike. One of our mechanics will explain in a minute the steps you have to follow to install it correctly.

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