The spirit of Santafixie is urban and cosmopolitan, that will continue to be the case, but we all have our escapes. To those mad about bicycles like us, these escapes are usually other “dirty” cycling forms. Be it the Mountain Biking, or Gravel Cycling, it’s a segment of cycling that is growing by leaps and bounds in the last two – three years.

Mountain bikes are designed to go through the mountain, working best on steep roads, tracks and complicated trails but penalise us too much when going on a flat track and, especially, by tarmac. There are days when you go by bicycle without a fixed course, without a defined route, and that’s where the gravel bikes shine.

They have the geometry to roll perfectly on tarmac like a road bike, 29-inch wheels to overcome the bumps in dirt roads like a mountain bike, weight saved by not having suspension, and tyres that do not hinder you on the road and with enough grip for cornering on dirt and loose rocks. The only situation where you will not be comfortable on a gravel bicycle is going down trial runs and climbing broken roads, but let’s be honest, we do not go onto these dangerous roads as often as before, right?

aventon kijote

With this in mind … we have decided to also bet on Gravel bikes! It is a normal step, the logical step made for the urban cyclist that’s curious about the bicycle and ends up buying another bicycle for the weekends. The only difference is that Gravel bicycles perfectly perform both tasks: take you to work from Monday to Friday and cover you with dust on Saturday and Sunday.

From today you can find several models of Fuji Bikes, Cinelli Bikes, Aventon and Basso Bikes in our website.


Bicicleta Gravel Fuji

Bicicleta Gravel Aventón

Bicicleta Gravel Cinelli Hobootleg

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