Miss Pacha Mama. Picking up rubbish on a bicycle


Listening to the radio, we got to know a very interesting project. It’s about Miss Pacha Mama. A project by Rafa Sanchis, a sportsman and cyclist who is tired of seeing the places he passes through full of garbage and plastics, and who set out to go around Spain by bicycle picking up garbage from nature.

Miss Pacha Mama
We really liked how this movement originated and the need for him to spend five months pedaling and picking up plastics from the roads he passed on his bike: “One day on a trip around Ibiza by kayak I saw a German man cleaning the trash on the beach and after talking with him I decided that I also wanted to take action”

You can listen to the audio of the programme Siglo 21 of Radio 3 (dated December 27, 2018), so that you can hear about the project first hand as well as how it all began. It starts at minute 06:40 (in Spanish).

Miss Pacha Mama
Rafa has travelled 4,500 kilometres and collected almost 700 kilos of garbage and plastic.
You can see all his adventures on his website.
Or the videos that are uploaded on his YouTube channel.
And follow him on his Instagram.

Miss Pacha Mama
Miss Pacha Mama salamanca

Miss Pacha Mama santander

Miss Pacha Mama río

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