Riding a Gravel Bike on Trails – It’s Possible

ride gravel on mtb trails

Gravel bikes are renowned for their versatility. Even though some of them are designed with roads in mind, and others with adventure cycling, all of them perform well both on paved roads and dirt tracks. Their wide wheel axles, low bottom bracket shell, drop bars, no suspension and narrow wheels don’t tend to make them comfortable to ride down paths or single-track trails. That unwritten rule, however, is meant to be broken, if you ask some cyclists.

Greg Callaghan is a professional enduro mountain biker from the Unior Devinci Team, having won some World Enduro Championships and belonging to the Red Bull cycling team. Greg is one of those riders who consider gravel bikes the perfect choice for roads, tracks, paths – and bike park trails.

So it is. We are aware that you’ll need a very good technique in order to ride down single tracks in a mountain bike park. Greg can easily dodge rocks, jump, ride up slopes and skid, and still stay on his track with his gravel bike. In order to have even more fun, Greg chose a rainy day and an area full of slippery rocks and a ton of mud. Here you have the video showing his feat.

Have you ever been on a track and immediately regret it?



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