The Roosters Japan – Welcome to Dreamland


In May 2016, during their trip around Japan, The Roosters, the fixed gear team from Madrid, entered Nara Dreamland, a former amusement park, close to the city of Nara in Japan. The park was supposed to be like Disneyland but Japanese style.

On the 31st of August 2006, the amusement park Nara Dreamland closed permanently due to the low number of visitors. Ever since that day, nature and rust have slowly but steadily taken over the park.

The Roosters gained access to Dreamland with their fixie bikes and they are showing it to us personally 🙂

The Roosters Japan





Here you can see the video:

Carlos Terroso
Mario Cranks
Jaime Aukerman
Nacho Tapia
Delvis G. Marte

Music: “Sunset on Nara” by Michael Boga

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