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10 anniversary santafixie

Santafixie is 10 years old. 10 years of learning, growth and consolidation. 10 years of tears, smiles and laughter. 10 years of frames, components and accessories. 10 years of fixies. One speed, still going. 2011 was, among other things, the year when the libertarian revolts in Arab countries under totalitarian governments, the tsunami in Japan, the worsening of the global economic crisis, the emergence of social networks and also the birth of Santafixie took place.

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In 2010 our co-founder Xavi Clavería was living in London. Moving around the city on a daily basis, he noticed the fixie bike boom, and obviously fell in love with them. Bicycles where it was possible to customize any component, in any colour you wanted, with the saddle and handlebars you wanted. And he bought one. In a short time he understood the benefits of moving around on such a bike. They are fast, light, affordable, fun and cool. Xavi wondered why in Barcelona people moved around on old mountain bikes, which are – let’s be honest – heavy, inefficient and ugly.

Once back in Barcelona, Xavi had a business idea: to buy this type of bicycles so popular in London and sell them through a website. Together with Txampa, also co-founder and current CEO of Santafixie, they bought 30 bikes, stored them in Xavi’s grandfather’s garage and hired a programmer to set up the website in exchange for one of the bikes.

That first website was a bit of a disaster. So much so that our first customer, wary of buying from such an unreliably-looking site, phoned us to place his order and paid us cash on delivery once he was sure that what he had received at home was the bike he had ordered. First satisfied customer.

The rest of the 30 bicycles were sold in a short time, which allowed us to set up a better-looking website in November 2011. Santafixie was up and running. With an office and warehouse, we hired our first employees, and in 2013, faced with the flood of orders from France, we decided to open Santafixie.FR, with all the content translated into French and hiring a French customer service person.

story santafixie

Our goal was clear: to offer not only fixie/single-speed urban bikes but also any kind of component, accessory or urban clothing piece that you wouldn’t usually find in other online cycling shops.

In 2014 we continued to expand our catalogue of bike brands, as well as our team, which already had 7 members. For the first time we had a yearly turnover of 1.000.000€ and, with the opening of Santafixie.NL we had to move to our current facilities. A logistics centre of 1,100 m² in Barcelona. The Dutch shop was followed by the Italian and UK stores.

In 2017 we renewed ourselves visually and strategically. Our new goal, with everything we had learned in 6 years, was to launch our own bicycle brand. We worked for a whole year looking for a unique design and a factory that met our quality requirements. We found it all, and by the end of the year we were ready to launch the Santafixie Raval.

A quality urban bike, with an aggressive but comfortable design and at a competitive price. Since 2018 it has been, year after year, the best-selling bike in our shop. By far. A year later, the Santafixie Born was added. A bicycle with a more classic aesthetic that consolidated us as a brand and manufacturer of urban bicycles.

story santafixie

2020 had several surprises waiting for us. First, an explosion in a nearby factory that destroyed our office and part of the warehouse. Second, a pandemic that changed the mobility habits of millions of people in cities and turned bikes into an object of desire. It was not only bikes that sold out, but also rollers, spare parts, tools and paint sprays… All this demand turned into a boom in orders and growth for Santafixie. We also opened our German shop Santafixie.DE.

So far in 2021 we have grown to 22 people in the team and we have several goals in sight. For example, launching our own brand of Santafixie components or opening shops in a few more countries. Our goal for the next 10 years is simple: to grow so that we can continue to fill cities with bicycles and thus make them more friendly for the people who live there and the environment that surrounds us.

We have achieved all this little by little, yet without stopping. Going singlespeed without brakes.

Will you be with us for ten more years?

story santafixie

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  • Congrats guys. Really cool founder story and I love how you turned that idea into a real brand. Loving my Raval and getting a lot of nice feedback for it from everyone who sees it. Daniel

    Daniel | Sports-Insider 2022-03-13 7:45 am Reply
    • Thanks Daniel!

      Santafixie Group 2022-04-08 7:12 am Reply

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