Santafixie BLB Team at RHC Milan 2018


A few weeks ago, as soon as we came back from the Red Hook Crit Milan, we published the video of the race of our rider Margaux Vigie with a camera on her bicycle. 38 minutes where you can see in the first person view everything that happens within the race. Strategies, overtaking and attacks. An exciting race of speed without brakes, on an urban circuit through the streets of Milan.

Today we bring you a series of photographs of the equipo Santafixie BLB Team that our friend Nicolas Farmine made of the team before, during and after the race. From here, thank you very much Nico for these magnificent photographs. You can follow him on Instagram here.

miqui rueda santa fixie blb team

margaux vigie santa fixie blb team

ainara elbusto rhc milan 2018

ainara elbusto santa fixie blb team

margaux vigie santa fixie team milan 2018

margaux vigie rhc milan 2018

Santafixie BLB Team en RHC Milán 2018

santa fixie team red hook milan

santa fixie blb team rhc milán 2018

santa fixie blb team rhc milan 2018

miqui rueda rhc milán 2018

margaux vigie podium red hook milan

podium rhc milan 2018
Agradecimiento especial al fotógrafo Nicolas Farmine

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