Santafixie Raval Bicycles


Today we are going to talk a little about our first collection of fixie bicycles.
Yes, a little self-promotion : )

After more than 6 years in urban cycling, we decided to go a step further and start manufacturing what, for us, are the perfect bicycles and which you have always been asking us about.

Santafixie Raval Bicycles

Our first collection is called Santafixie Raval, in honour of the Barcelona neighbourhood. The bicycle is assembled by us from scratch in our facilities, which is just one of the great things about it. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is very important because this way we can do an extensive review of all the parts.

This way the quality control is much greater than if the bike was assembled directly in China or Taiwan. Other brands like Orbea have a process similar to ours; design the bike, manufacture the frames, and ride the bicycles with the components they have chosen. We, on a smaller scale, do the same as them.

Bicicleta Santafixie Raval

The frame was designed by our team, with the help of ex-professional cyclists who, with their experience in fixed gear and urban cycling, defined the geometry of the frame. Then we selected the components to be able to ride a quality bike, without it being too expensive. The sealed hubs by Novatec, the 31.8mm diameter handlebars or the nicely finished seals on the frames are just some of the details that provide the level of quality we wanted on our bicycle.

Santafixie Raval matte Black
Santafixie Raval Raw

Santafixie Yellow Fixie Bike

Another new feature, was to add the option of 2 speeds on some models. I mean, it’s like having a fixie with gears. On the outside, there is not much difference (only in the rear hub), so that it maintains the aesthetics of a fixed gear bicycle, but it has a Sturmey Archer S2C rear hub with 2 built-in speeds and coaster brake.

These models are a little more expensive than the “standard” version with flip-flop hub that comes as standard with a freewheel sprocket and two brakes. But it can also have a fixed gear sprockets and lockring fitted on the other side of the hub.

There are 6 different colours to choose, select one of 3 handlebars per bicycle, and in the black and raw colours you can choose between a 60mm or 30mm profile wheelset.

If you want to have a comfortable ride, we recommend the riser handlebar, since the position of the back is more straight.

Bicicleta Santafixie Raval
Santafixie Raval fixed gear bicycle

If you are looking to train, or maintain an aggressive position, the drop bar or bullhorn (horns) handlebars will be better. But if it’s all about you wanting it to look good, just choose the handlebars that appeal to you the most

The difference between the 30mm and 60mm wheels are mainly the weight and the look. The 30mm wheels are much lighter than the 60mm ones.

santafixie raval bicycle
In short, the Raval by Santafixie is a bike desiged to move with speed through the city, in various colours so you can choose the one you like best, and different speeds options and handlebars to adapt the bike to your needs.

It is also a good bike to start training for track cycling. Because of this, it is a multipurpose bicycle, which serves to train, commute to work or travel to university. If you choose the second, always remember to buy a good lock.

We hope you liked the post. Any questions, you can comment here and we’ll be happy to respond.

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  • This looks interesting, is there a frame geometry chart? Also are there more specifications on the components used such as the crankset, wheelset, chain etc.?

    Clementino 2018-05-23 10:01 am Reply
  • Hi, are your bikes sent out from the UK? Just wondered what delivery time was on a Raval?


    IAN POWELL 2021-01-28 12:35 pm Reply
    • Hi. We send the bicycles from our HQ, in Barcelona. Currently, the delivery time to the UK is around one week.

      Thank you!

      Santafixie 2021-02-02 4:11 pm Reply
  • Hi guys. What are the current waiting times for the bikes being sent to UK (London)?

    In February you respondend to someone about this being a week. Is this still a case?

    Dan 2021-05-02 8:22 pm Reply
    • Hi! It depends on the bicycle model. You can find an estimated time of delivery on each bike info.

      Santafixie 2021-07-19 7:06 am Reply

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