It’s the first time we have seen this and we liked it from the first moment on, this mix between two disciplines which don’t seem to have anything in common: fixie biking and snowboarding.

SPLIXIE is a daytrip, a trip going up on a fixed gear bike along the mountainside of the Alps to the top and going down through the snow by snowboard, the bike on the shoulder. The first part of the word SPLIXIE comes from splitboard, a type of snowboard equipped with leather and cut
in half to be able to carry it to the top and the use it to slide downhill.






Here we show you the video:

The main character of the video, Marcin Gmerek, an athlete who is not conventional at all and likes to break all the rules and established stereotypes.

It’s not necessary to go to the Alps, all you need is a bit of imagination and courage.

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