Spray.Bike, special sprays for painting your bike


Spray.Bike are special sprays for painting your bike. We recently added this brand to our selection and it’s been an amazing success which only few other products have experienced in our shop.

spray bike
But, what do these sprays offer that’s different to what’s already available out there? It’s a new, inexpensive and fun way to customise your bike.

Spray.Bike was born out of the frustration cyclists had with paint for bike frames that were on the market. Nothing was good, and the results were disastrous. That’s why the guys at Vicious Cycles Athens and the paint company Cosmos Lac joined forces and after 2 years of development & testing in the factory the Spray.Bike as we know was created. Later on the team at Brick Lane Bikes joined the party and introduced the different range of colours and types of sprays for all needs.

But before we go on, we want to show you a video showing the many different possibilties when using these sprays on your bicycle:

How do you use Spray.Bike to paint your bicycle?
The paint adheres to the majority of raw metals and painted surfaces without any primer or preparation. If your frame has already been painted with a glossy finish, it’s necessary to use a fine sandpaper on this surface so that the new Spray.Bike paint will stick to the surface. Before using the spray, shake it for around 3 minutes.

spray bicycle paint
The ideal distance for spraying your bike is between 5 and 12 centimetres. At this distance the paint will land on the frame in perfect conditions. closer than 5 centimetres will produce faults. Anything further than 12 centimetres and the paint will be too dry to adhere to the frame, resulting in a powdery finish which easily rubs off.

Try to keep your hand continuously moving while spraying so that you get a nice and even colour. After applying the spray to the areas you want to paint you can still cover imperfections wherever necessary. If you want to use the spray after having it stored for some time, you should try it on cardboard before applying it on your bike. If the paint does not come out as fluid as it used to, you should change the nozzle for optimal results.

To get the best results, be patient. Even if the paint appears to dry quickly, we recommend leaving the paint to dry for at least 12 hours, before mounting your bicycle.

painting bicycle with spray
We also have Spray.Bike Smoothing Putty available, which you need if you frame is damaged, has some scratches or bumps and bruises. With this product you spray a base layer over the damages to get a smooth, even surface which you can paint afterwards. There is also the Spray.Bike Transparent Varnish which you use after spraying and which allows you to create a satin (1 layer), glossy (2 layers), or lacquer (3 layers) finish, depending on how many layers you spray.

Now let’s see the different collections and colours available so you have an idea just how much you can customise your bike by using our sprays:

THE BLB LONDON COLLECTION: 24 matte colours to choose from by Brick Lane Bikes and inspired by the streets of London:

HISTORIC COLLECTION: 6 original colours inspired by the pioneering frame manufacturers of old:

VINTAGE COLLECTION: 6 colours providing an ode to the companies that are now lost in legend:

spray vintage collection

POP COLLECTION: 6 colours that are reminiscent of the Great British cycling companies of the 80’s:

pop collection

FLURORESCENT COLLECTION: 6 fluorescent colours that are intense and bright, and makes you be seen by everyone:

fluorescent collection

POCKET COLLECTION Solids y Clears: The Solid Pocket collection consists of black, white, and super bright fluorescents, ideal for fine lines and details The Clear Pocket collection is an innovative semi-transparent paint formula, perfect for creating a glaze on raw metals, slightly changing the base colour, or creating fading and shading effects.


Finally we want to show you some videos, to give you some ideas, tips and possibilities on how to paint your bicycle and how to turn your designs into reality:

Where can you buy these sprays for your bicycle?
At Santa Fixie we have the whole range of sprays and colours in stock available for shipping immediately.

And on the Spray.Bike Instagram page you can find hundreds of ideas and tricks to do with your bike.

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