The ABC of Fixing your Old Bike


Doing small probes among workshops, brands, and stores, all agree that before the new normality, it has led one more to look in the storage room that they kept from past times and think about recovering their old bicycle.

And it is not a trivial matter, the old bicycle is always a kind of treasure that when people dust off, it also does so on their memories and best moments. However, the reality that is pressing, with the bicycle gaining integers through the cities and some roads, returning to its origins as a means of transport. A reality in which acquiring a bicycle with a face and eyes is not always possible. So sometimes you have to “pull the classics.”

fixing your old bicycle

In the beginning, however, it is not just taking the parked bicycle for a while and pulling with it. Disuse is a problem in machines designed to move and action. You have to give the bike a set-up that puts it in a position to go outside with all the guarantees. In the configuration of a bicycle many aspects and elements play, There are moving parts and gears that in disuse lose properties. You have to find a good cleaning product to leave them ready. There is a duo of words to explain it: a clean and oiled bicycle is worth two.

fixing your old bicycle

Soaping the bike, and then passing it a product that respects the moving parts is their thing, the bearings and the chain are vital points in the operation, that’s why good lubrication, the precise one, no more and no less, is perfect. It makes walking easier and gives years of life to something as emblematic as the chain. You can check bearings, there are tools for it.

fixing your old bicycle

Tires, that great unknown

The disuse of the bicycle has a damaged first, the tires. Over time they lose pressure and the first option is to inflate them, but not only is that with inactivity the rubber loses properties, cracks, and makes the routes more dangerous.

fixing your old bicycle

There is no need to skimp on changing the tires if they are damaged, it is the part of the bicycle that touches the ground, and its perfect condition is to invest in safety. Checking the direction, that the wheels are well centered, that the bicycle responds easily to maneuverability is another question to consider when taking the bike out of the garage.

You have to check the reflective elements and add some if they are not enough, elements such as a red rear light, which flashes and makes you visible to other drivers. And if you want to take advantage of your expertise taking care of the bike, there are excellent briefcases, we recommend a pair, the “Ventura all in one” and the “M-Wave”, which offer all the tools to have the machine always perfect. And if you need help, you can always consult our tutorials on our YouTube channel. There you will find how to perform, step by step, some of the basic assembly and disassembly tasks.

fixing your old bicycle


By Ibán Vega, El Cuaderno de JoanSeguidor

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