The PiCycle


Today, the 14th of March 2019, is the world day of the number π (3,141592…) and we would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to this unique number by remembering the fixed gear bicycle that bears his name: the PiCycle. The fixie bike in the form of the symbol π.

The prototype was designed by Yau Hoong, an artist from Malaysia, and manufactured by WE ARE Pi, a company based in Amsterdam. Inspired by Hoong’s design, WE ARE Pi hired artist Tadas Maksimovas and designer Martijn Koomen to make the PiCycle fixie a reality.

First, the size dimensions of the design was transferred to that of the current bicycles and a prototype was made of cardboard, then wood. Once it was proven that the bicycle was perfectly manageable with the wheels, handlebars and transmission, the final model was made of carbon fibre.

The bicycle can eventually be seen in some museums in Amsterdam.

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