The Santafixie Bike Rack. #2: Carles

santafixie bike rack carles

Surely you’ve ever wondered who is behind an e-commerce like Santafixie. If we are simply bicycle dealers, or urban cyclists by conviction, or cyclists 7 days a week. The truth is, it’s a bit of everything. But over 70% of the workforce travels sustainably. And most do it by bike. And how are the bicycles of Santafixie workers? In this new section in our blog, the Santafixie bike rack, we are going to show you.

Cycling, more than a sport

For Carles, cycling is more than a sport – it is his lifestyle and passion. “Most of the things cycling does for you are positive: cycling brings you freedom, lets you disconnect from the world, allows you to be fit and healthy… Going out with a group of friends to ride and spending hours on your bike talking and visiting places you’ve never seen is more productive than sitting at the bar and watching time go by. It is a world that allows you to meet many people and share the same passion. Being lucky enough to work in this sector, with a work environment that shares the same passion for cycling as you do, is something I value very much in my life. I’ve had the opportunity to work at Santafixie, one of the leading e-commerce companies in urban cycling and fixed gear, a sector I didn’t know much about, but I’ve been able to see all the values it brings to you and it’s great”, he says.

In this post we will talk and review Carles’ bicycle. He is responsible for writing the texts and technical characteristics of the vast majority of products on the website and also contributes to this blog. Carles, like Ángel, has switched to the fixed gear with the Raval Matte Black Premium in order to be able to ride around his home town and show the philosophy of the company where he works to all his friends. But his main battle partner, and the one he spends more hours with in his training, is his road bike, a Cervélo S-Series Team Sunweb.

bike rack santafixie

Cervélo S-Series Team Sunweb: an analysis

The Cervélo S-Series Team Sunweb is the bike Carles uses to train and ride with his friends. It is a road bike that shares the same characteristics as the World Tour Team Sunweb bikes.


Carles’ bike is completely standard, he has not made any modifications to it. The frame of the Cervélo S-Series Team Sunweb is a carbon frame with an aerodynamic geometry that offers a fully integrated position at all times. It is a light and rigid frame, designed for high-speed riding.

The handlebars and seat post are also made of carbon, accessories manufactured and fitted by Cervélo itself. The saddle is a Prologo, specifically the Dimension STN model, a very comfortable prostate-friendly saddle that allows you to sit on it for many hours and is equally comfortable at all times.


Carles’ Cervélo S-Series Team Sunweb is equipped with the entire Shimano Ultegra group. It has 160-mm Ultegra disc brakes that provide great braking safety, especially when descending from mountain passes or when riding on wet or damp roads.

The rims are made of carbon fibre with a 48-mm profile. The rims are manufactured by Cervélo itself. They are equipped with a pair of Vittoria Corsa Graphene 2.0 tyres, 28-mm wide. This tyre size allows you to sit more comfortably and better control the bike, especially in winter, when it is recommended to use lower pressures to have a better grip.

bike rack santafixie

The bike is fitted with a Shimano Ultegra Di2 11-speed freewheel. Two Shimano Ultegra chainrings, the small one with 36 teeth and the large one with 52 teeth, make up the development of the bike. The cassette, also a Shimano Ultegra goes from 11- to 30-teeth cogs. To ensure good performance from this development, Carles is equipped with the Look Kéo Classic 3 automatic pedals. “It is a very versatile development, ideal for flat routes or mountain passes. The 36-tooth chainring and the 30-tooth sprocket set allow you to go at a very optimum cadence to tackle steep climbs,” Carles says.

It is essential to always carry a GPS device on all your routes, it is a vital accessory for every cyclist. It’s also very important for it to be able to record your routes once you’ve finished, on Strava. Carles has a Garmin 530 that allows him to see his physical condition and all the performance parameters according to his needs. “If the Garmin isn’t charged, I won’t go out and train,” he says.

bike rack santafixie


One of the accessories that cannot be missing on Carles’ bike is his saddle bag, where he keeps a spare inner tube, tyre levers and a pump in case of a puncture. It is also a good accessory for storing personal items such as keys or an ID.

Finally, Carles’ Cérvelo S-Series Team Sunweb has two bottle holders, which are essential for carrying two bottles, especially in very hot periods when you need to drink more.

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