The Secret Weapon of British Cycling for Tokyo 2020

The secret weapon of British Cycling for Tokyo 2020

27 years after the Chris Boardman’s gold medal at the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games, the first of British cycling since 1920, the British Cycling has looked back in history to win again in Tokyo 2020.

Recently the track bike HB.T has been introduced, as a result of the collaboration between Lotus, Hope Technology and Ranishaw. Just seeing it is impressive. Carbon mounted, both frame, fork and wheels. Everything about it has been designed from scratch, but with the 1992 Boardman Lotus in mind. Under the supervision of 3D Renishaw experts, several prototypes were discarded until the final one was found.

lotus british cycling tokyo 2020

The space of 8 centimeters between the fork and the sinuous shaped handlebar, both parts manufactured by Lotus, to which they have applied their extensive experience in the aerodynamics of Formula 1 cars, is striking.

british cycling tokyo 2020

In the words of Miguel Fragoso, Executive Director of Lotus Engineering: «Lotus has always been at the forefront of light racing performance with its cars, and now, after 25 years out of cycling, we have collaborated with Hope to apply the same valued Lotus fundamentals to this new track bike ».

bicycle lotus british cycling tokyo 2020

The wheels are also “revolutionary”, but details about them have not been shared, since Hope’s new manufacturing process results in a better balance between stiffness and weight compared to conventional wheels and its manufacturing process is a secret.

Although it has already been tested in the wind tunnel in Southampton, with a cyclist included, one last obstacle must still be passed to be approved by the UCI: to be used during the Tissot UCI Track Cycling world championship before the end of the year.

Its performance and that of the lucky cyclist that mounts it, will be seen next summer. In case you are interested in buying one, in the next few days some units will be put up for sale. The price? We do not know, but come prepared with large bills. Very large.

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