How would your street look in a pacified neighbourhood like in the Netherlands?


Even if it doesn’t seem like it to the city planners in your city council, any street can be “dutchified”, which means pacifying it and making it more people-friendly. That means pacifying it and making it more people-friendly. And how is this done? Well, the theory is quite simple: You reshape it into a single platform by removing the road and pavements, prohibit or limit access to heavy vehicles such as cars and trucks, install green areas such as planters, put benches and build playgrounds for the little ones. It is not necessary to paint cycle lanes, it is possible to cycle in peace and quiet without disturbing passers-by and without being harassed by cars.

And what are the advantages? Neighbours gain quality of life, the urban fabric improves and the area becomes an attraction simply for strolling. It also boosts local commerce, the streets are more accessible to emergency vehicles and, living under a climatic emergency, something important is that pollution levels are reduced. Sounds easy and all good, doesn’t it? Well, it is, and in the Netherlands, they have been doing it since the 1970s because of the fuel energy crisis, and they have stayed that way.

amsterdam street

Look out of the window. If your street has two tiny pavements on the sides and in the middle two rows of parked cars and another one for driving… Would you like to see what your street would look like if you teleported it to the Netherlands? Now, with Artificial Intelligence it is possible. Go to the following link of the Netherlands Tourism Agency and enter your address. After a few seconds, you will get four AI-generated images of what your street would look like if it were in Amsterdam, for example.

How much of a difference does it make? If so, download it and pass it on to those responsible for urban planning in your city and get them to work hard to improve the city where you live. Here you can see other recreations, such as Santander St in Barcelona, where Santafixie is located.

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