Top 10 Bike Locks for 2021

Top 10 Bike Locks 2020

The time has come: you have decided to buy a bike to go around the city, to commute to and from work, to do errands… You will be healthier and save time and money – unless your bike is stolen. In urban environments, thefts are especially common and that is why it is important to invest in security to save yourself from greater evils.

As we always say at Santafixie, it is better to invest in a good lock than to end up regretting the loss of your bike. That’s why we have created this list of the best bicycle locks, so that you can count on high quality options that make the theft practically impossible. With them, you will be able to relax and stop worrying, even when you leave your bicycle parked outside.

However, what’s the best bike lock? The ideal would be to have one for the frame and the rear wheel and another one for the frame and the front wheel, preferably a U-shaped one because of their greater strength against any kind of theft attempt. Get the one that allows you to stop wondering if your bike will still be there when you come back to it.

Top 10 Bike Locks List

This is the official list of the best locks in our Santafixie online store.

  1. Kryptonite Kryptoloc 685 Fold Lock black
  2. Abus Ultimate 420/150HB140
  3. Kryptonite Mini+Messenger Collection
  4. Kryptonite Evolution Lite Mini 6
  5. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini
  6. Kryptonite Messenger Chain & Moly
  7. Abus Nutfix 3/8 Orange
  8. Abus Iven chain 8210
  9. Pinhead seat collar lock
  10. Onguard Mastiff 8022 Chain Bike Lock

Analysis of the best bicycle locks for this 2021

1. Kryptonite Kryptoloc 685 Fold Lock black

best lock kryptonite kryptoloc 685 fold lock

This small-sized lock is ideal for moderate burglary zones – Kryptonite gives it a protection rating of 6 out of 10. It is a lock made of steel that perfectly resists the most commonly used tools for bicycle theft. Moreover, thanks to its flexibility and security, it is very easy to transport and use.


2. Abus Ultimate 420/150HB140

  • Brand: Abus
  • Price: £50.80

Best Lock Abus Ultimate 420/150HB140

The Abus Ultimate 420 lock is recommended for high-end bikes in medium-risk areas, with a 12/15 security score, according to the manufacturer. Its main strength is the 13mm U-shaped round arch made of hardened steel, which makes it very secure against all kinds of theft attempts. The arch is double-hooked to the lock body for greater security. It is a remarkably light lock: only 1240 grams, ideal together with its ergonomic shape (14x8cm) which allows for better transport Last but not least, the longer the arch, the easier it will be to fix the bike to external elements.


3. Kryptonite Mini+Messenger Collection

Best Lock Kryptonite Mini+Messenger Collection

Within its wide catalogue, Kryptonite offers a particularly versatile option with the Kryptonite Mini, another U-lock, this time with a thickness of 11mm, which makes it lighter but just as safe as the Mini7. It also has a second shackle for added safety on the front or rear wheel and several details that make it ideal for conservation, such as a transparent guard that protects the cylinder from dust. It also includes two security keys on a bracelet to keep them in sight, and if that were not enough, a key replacement program.


4. Kryptonite Evolution Lite Mini 6

Lock Kryptonite Evolution Lite Mini 6

On the other hand, one of Kryptonite’s star products is this Evolution Lite Mini 6 model, very common among messengers and fixie users. Its advantages are very evident. With a very small size (only 7×15.2cm) and being as light as only 747 grams, it is very easy to carry, all of which achieves the same level of security as previous Kryptonite models, this time also with 11mm thick steel arch. The cylinder has additional protections and the model comes with a set of 3 keys, one of which features a light for night-time use.


5. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini

Lock Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini

With a 10/10 security score by the Kryptonite brand, the New York Fahgettaboudit model could be considered the best high-security lock. Its resistance comes from an 18mm thick steel tube that can withstand any attack from shears and levers, as well as a lock with a double locking mechanism. Another advantage is that it is extremely compact (8.3 × 15.3cm), making it very easy to transport despite being somewhat heavier than other models. The cylinder is protected by a rotating sleeve and includes 3 keys, one of them equipped with a high intensity bulb with a replaceable battery.


6. Kryptonite Messenger Chain & Moly

Best Lock Kryptonite Messenger Chain & Moly

As part of a new range that is a perfect combination of portability, comfort and protection, Kryptonite presents this chain model with a very resistant nylon coating and integrated padlock. Its level of protection remains high, as it has 9.5mm thick four-sided links with the strength provided by steel. In addition, thanks to the chain shape, it can be adapted to be attached to different elements of the bike.


7. Abus Nutfix 3/8 Orange

  • Brand: Abus
  • Price: £32.95 £22.80

Best Lock Abus Nutfix 3/8 Orange

To complement the protection offered by a single chain or U-lock, Abus has this interesting option: a special protection against thieves stealing bicycle components, such as wheels or saddles. This nut has a mechanism that only releases the bolt when the bike is resting on the side: so your wheel or saddle will be protected in an upright position. So, for a modest price you will have high quality stainless steel nuts with durable corrosion protection that will hold your components in place.


8. Abus Iven 8210 chain

  • Brand: Abus
  • Price: £59.95 £38.60

Best Lock Abus Iven 8210

In addition to U-locks, Abus offers locks such as this Iven model: a strong and resistant square-shaped 8mm chain covered with a new mesh sleeve that guarantees a very long life. This is a highly flexible model, in order to avoid damage to your bike’s paint: it is 85cm long to adapt to the place in which you want to tie the bike, and also includes two spare keys.


9. Pinhead Seat Post lock

Best Lock Pinhead seat post

Another option to protect your components is this Pinhead seatpost lock, which prevents both the seatpost and saddle from being detached from the frame. With a perfect fit to prevent removal of the saddle, it opens with any universal saddle safety key. However, it measures 28.6-31.8 centimetres, so make sure it is the right diameter for your seat post.


10. Onguard Mastiff 8022 Chain Bike Lock

  • Brand: Onguard
  • Price: £60.99 £39.10

Best Lock Onguard Mastiff 8022 Chain Bike Lock

Finally, if you prefer a password lock to a key lock for greater security, with Onguard you have a very affordable 8mm thick square and hexagonal link chain hardened with titanium and steel that, with a lock with 10,000 combinations, thwarts any attempt at theft. The embroidered nylon cover with velcro fasteners protects the paint.


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