Touring bicycles, they exist

touring bicycles

There are bicycles for leisurely rides, and we are sure that in parks and quiet areas of your city these are the types of bikes you see most during the weekends. Although it is also true that the boom in the use of the bicycle as a means of transport in cities is causing bicycles to leave the storage room during the week.

The main characteristic of the touring bicycle is the comfortable, upright and relaxed position that the cyclist can adopt. The wrists, shoulders and back will appreciate it if the ride is long. In addition, the fact of having the head in a higher position than in other types of bicycles gives us the advantage of seeing over the majority of vehicles with which we pass by, making it possible to anticipate events or unforeseen events faster.

Although there are more and more types of city bicycles depending on the use we are going to give, within the type of ride we could differentiate several subtypes: Commuter or also called hybrid, classic, folding bicycles, electric and the specific ones for women.

Commuter: They’re bikes for just about anything. With them it is possible to move through any city area without problems, either on flat or sloping terrains. They have a quite generous gear ratio, up to 24 speeds. They have wide tyres with a grooved profile, providing a great grip when driving on wet roads and, if necessary, also on dirt or gravel. No problem. They usually come from the factory with straight handlebars, bike stand and some with even a basket. Some examples are the FabricBike Commuter or the 6KU Canvas.

touring bicycles

Classic: With modern bicycle specifications but with a vintage look, this is how the new classic bicycles could be defined. With straight or classic handlebars but also with mudguards, chrome details and cream-colour lined tyres. They usually feature a cassette with several speeds, although we can also find single speeds, with just one speed setting. If you want to move around the city without losing your style and personality, classic bicycles are the ideal complement. At Santafixie we have some of the most exclusive models, such as the Santafixie Born, the BLB Classic Commuter or the Bohemian 7V.

Folding: We recognise that leaving your bike parked in the street for several hours, no matter how good the locks may be, is not very enjoyable. The alternatives are: a suitable place in our workplace, a guarded parking lot or a folding bicycle. If you also live in a small flat or in a sixth floor without elevator the choice is quite clear: folding bikes. As well as taking up very little space, they usually have 7 or 8 speeds, mudguards, rear luggage rack and bike stand. Once you have practiced, the action of folding and unfolding the bike can be done without thinking twice, just like pedalling along. Highlights are the Dahon Briza or the FabricBike Folding.

Electric: Electric bicycles are here to stay, and they’ve done it by breaking into the market with force. Giving the opportunity to use a bicycle to people who have to travel long distances or too many hills in their day to day. They also allow people who simply want to travel more distance in the same time, or who don’t have enough free time to take the bike regularly and never get in shape. The electric bike is all this and more. It’s not a bike for people who don’t want to pedal. The revolution began in the world of mountain biking and is gradually spreading to the rest of the cycling disciplines. In city cycling they allow you to reach your destination without making a titanic effort, without breaking into a sweat. We have several models of electric city bicycles, the Populo Sport Black and Populo Sport Silver.

Women: Although any bicycle can be used by both men and women alike, there are bicycles with special geometry for the female body. As with women’s city bikes, the frame has a lower than normal upper tube to make it easier to get on and off the bike and also to gain mobility and agility in the layout. The stem and handlebars are usually shorter than the standard models. In addition, the saddle is generally wider than usual, providing extra comfort. We have the 6KU Odessa, BLB Lola or FabricBike Step-City models designed especially for women.

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