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At Santafixie UK, 90% of the wheels we sell for fixed gear bicycles are assembled in our warehouse. We made that strategic decision right at the start of our business, because we realised that we could better control the quality of all the processes, from product quality of the rims or hubs to the assembling process. To begin with, it made us more flexible and we could offer a much bigger variety of colours, spoking and hubs which allowed us to add new fixie wheels to the catalogue month after month.

The wheels can be assembled by machines which allow for quick assembly, but not always a perfect one. In our Santafixie team, several people are in charge of the spoking and the centering of the wheels the clients are buying every day, which at the currently stands between 100 and 150 wheels a week.

Today, we want to present you some of the wheels we assemble ourselves and which have an affordable price: the Weinmann DP18, the Mach1 and the SF Pista. The are all worth between €50 and €72,5. The most demanding clients will probably hesitate with buying these wheels because of their price. But we want to explain why we think they are a really good option if your budget is limited. You’ll also have the option to choose a high quality hub (Origin8 or BLB Track). The price difference is really small and you can be assured your hub lives a long life.

Santafixie 700c Front Wheel Mach1 Black
it’s lighter than the DP18, thanks to the thin aluminium and lower profile. Because the rim wall is less thick, it’s a bit softer than the DP18. Maybe aesthetically they are not as pretty as the DP18’s, but in terms of quality the two wheels are really similar. The spokes and the rim are produced in France.

Wheels fixed gear bicycles

Weinmann dp18
This wheel has a 30mm profile, it’s a bit heavier than the Mach1 thanks to the higher profile and because the rim wheels are wider, which makes them a bit more rigid. Some of them have a machined brake wall and others a painted one. The paint layer is a bit thicker than the Mach1’s. Are they prettier? They probably are, but they are also a bit heavier. Another advantage: we sell the DP18 in a lot of different colours so you can personalise your bike.

fixie wheels

SF Pista Wheels
They are among our favourite wheels because they are lightweight, beautiful and of high quality. Unlike the ones shown before, this wheel doesn’t have a machined brake wall, that’s why they are only usable with fixed gear. That’s why we only assemble those wheels with BLB Track hubs, because it’s a much better and more resistant hub than the Menjoin.

fixie wheelset cheap

The are wider than the previous ones and they allow tyres sized 700×32 and 700×28 without any problem. Because it is wider, the tyres also expand more and has more grip. If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy for example the H Plus Archetype, this wheel has the same style but cheaper.

To sum it all up, two wheels with really competitive prices and another one which is a little more expensive. They are all assembled in our warehouse by specialists. Affordable fixie wheels which won’t let you down.

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  • Whats the Total weight of the af pista set? Thanks!

    Dikkens 2018-03-15 1:48 pm Reply
    • Hi Dikkens!!
      It should be 2 kg aprox.

      Santafixie 2018-03-19 10:39 am Reply
  • Hi, I’m converting a road bike with a 126mm rear hub to fixed gear. Do the “SANTAFIXIE 30MM WHEELSET” have an apropriate hub length? though i’m aware they may need spacers to fit perfectly if they are 120mm.



    Michael 2020-05-13 4:25 pm Reply

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