The world’s lightest inner tubes that make you go faster

world's lightest inner tubes

It is often discussed among cycling enthusiasts whether it is worth investing large sums of money to upgrade bike components such as rims, handlebars and seat posts simply for the sake of weight.

At the professional level, there is no doubt, it is worth it. At the 2023 Giro d’Italia the difference between Primoz Roglic and Geraint Thomas was just 14 seconds after more than 85 hours on the bike. Percentage-wise, just 0.009% of the total time spent. Could Thomas have beaten Roglic by developing the same power simply by fitting a lighter component to his bike? Hypothetically, yes. Unless the Briton’s bike was already at the UCI minimum weight of 6.8kgs.

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What does not generate any hypothetical doubt is that small marginal gains here and there in different components of a bicycle generate a perceptible improvement. And how does all this affect you, who (probably) will never race a Grand Tour? Mostly on the climbs.

It is calculated that from 6% gradients, each kilo of weight means an extra time of 4 seconds per kilometre, increasing with the gradient, although there is a way to lighten and gain more time: improving the set of rim, tube and tyre. As the wheels are the moving parts of the bike and turn on themselves, the lighter they are, the less energy they need to turn.

cámaras ultraligeras eclipse

Buying carbon rims can cost more than €1000, and with completely flat road tyres the weight is already quite low and the resistance between different models is very similar. So where is it possible to gain a few valuable grams? In the forgotten inner tubes.

And how much does an inner tube weigh?

The weight of an inner tube can vary depending on the type of bicycle, the size of the wheel and the material the tube is made of. For example, a conventional butyl inner tube for road tyres, measuring between 20c and 28c wide, generally weighs around 120 grams. Therefore, if you have two of these tubes (one for each wheel), you would be adding around 240 grams to your bike. But there is a solution to this.

Eclipse: The world’s lightest inner tubes

E.Dubied & Co, a German brand founded in 1867 specialising in the manufacture of bicycle components, has reinvented inner tubes, designing the world’s lightest inner tubes, the Eclipse, weighing just 19.5 grams. We’re talking about a total weight difference of about 200 grams. It’s worth it.

cámaras ultraligeras eclipse


And that’s just one of the many options in terms of sizes. From 700×20 to 700×45 with different valve lengths. Available for road, city or gravel bikes, the ultra-lightweight Eclipse tubes are made of ultra-light and durable thermoplastic polyurethane, making them fully resistant to punctures and rims.

The difference compared to other lightweight bicycle inner tubes is that Eclipse’s designs are better able to withstand temperature changes and easily maintain pressure. The valve cores are removable, so it is possible to replace them without having to throw the inner tube away if they lose air over time.

ultralight inner tubes eclipse



And one of the advantages that we like the most about the Eclipse ultralight inner tubes is that they take up very little space when folded, so it’s easy to carry a spare in your saddle bag or jersey.

We recently made this comparison video on our Tiktok profile, with a scale, so that you can see the difference in weight between various objects, conventional inner tubes and Eclipse ultralight inner tubes.


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