Bluegrass Union Gloves - Black

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Details Bluegrass Union Gloves - Black

  • Four-way-stretch breathable mesh on the upper construction
  • Slim-fit neoprene cuff
  • Silicon wrist gripper
  • Moisture-wicking mesh finger gussets enhance ventilation and sweat evaporation
  • Soft-touch covered thumbs to clean dirt and sweat from face and glasses
  • Hollow overlay thumbs maximise durability and avoid blisters
  • Breathable perforated palms to improve ventilation and comfort
  • Silicone print on brake fingertips for a grip control
  • Compatible with touchscreen devices


The Bluegrass Union Gloves in black are the perfect addition to any cyclist's gear collection. These gloves are designed to provide maximum comfort and protection during long rides, while also being stylish and sleek.

The upper construction of the gloves is made from a four-way-stretch breathable mesh, which allows for optimal ventilation and sweat evaporation. The slim-fit neoprene cuff and silicon wrist gripper ensure a secure fit, while the moisture-wicking mesh finger gussets enhance ventilation and keep your hands dry.

The gloves also feature soft-touch covered thumbs, which are perfect for wiping away dirt and sweat from your face and glasses. The hollow overlay thumbs maximise durability and prevent blisters, while the breathable perforated palms improve ventilation and comfort. Additionally, the silicone print on the brake fingertips provides excellent grip control, and the gloves are compatible with touchscreen devices.

Overall, the Bluegrass Union Gloves are a must-have for any serious cyclist. They offer superior comfort, protection, and style, making them the perfect choice for long rides and intense training sessions.

About Bluegrass

Bluegrass is a brand specialized in the manufacture of cycling equipment, and stands out for its high-quality helmets and gloves.

Bluegrass helmets offer excellent protection and superior comfort for riders, with a wide variety of designs and sizes to suit any need and personal style. The brand uses high-quality materials in the manufacture of its helmets, making them an excellent choice for cyclists of all levels. In addition, their cycling gloves are designed to offer superior grip on any type of terrain, providing a feeling of control and comfort while riding.

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