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At Santafixie you will find cycling helmets that enable you to have a completely safe cycling experience.

Through our online store you can find the best cycle helmets and the best offers. To make it easier for you, here are some tips that may help you to choose.


Types of helmets according to their use


A helmet is the key element for guaranteeing safety on a bicycle, as well as using glasses and gloves. The use of a helmet is fundamental for avoiding head injuries should you have an accident.

The most suitable cycle helmet for you will mainly depend on the type of activity that you are using it for. We will tell you what types there are.

When choosing an urban helmet it is important to choose models that have high visibility or that have lights or supports where you can attach these. It should also be lightweight so that you can use it more comfortably.  You can choose folding helmets which are notable for their lightness and are easy to carry, as you can put them into a bag or a backpack. Brands like Abus, Closca or Bern are good choices.

The road cycle helmet should be light but very resistant, as you will use it for level and long-distance journeys on road and on paths. Having good ventilation and protection against mosquitos is recommended. Giro, Kask and HJC have some good choices.

If you practice Cyclocross you will come across sections where the path is tarmac and others which are muddy, with natural or other types of obstacles. As this is a discipline that takes place in the countryside you should wear a helmet that offers maximum resistance and safety against potential falls. It is important for it to have excellent ventilation as well as being lightweight and comfortable. You can find helmets from the Giro or Kask brands, among others.

If you practice road cycling you need a lightweight, aerodynamic helmet with good ventilation. It is also important that it fits well around the head to guarantee your safety in any potential fall. You could go for helmets from companies like Abus or Kask

Types of helmets according to gender

A cycle helmet can be for a man or a woman. It is important that you keep this distinction in mind when deciding on size, so that it offers you an adequate hold and, therefore, maximum safety.

  • Bike Helmets for men

Cycle helmets for men are generally L or XL sizes and have a head circumference between 58 and 61 cm.

  • Bike Helmets for women

If you are a woman and need a helmet for your bike you should check if your size is S, if you have a head circumference between 54 and 57 cm, or M if it is generally between 55 and 59 cm. Abus or Bell are among the most notable brands that you may find.

Accessories for helmets

Now that you know what type of helmet you should choose, according to the type of journey you are going to make, and what size may be the most suitable according to head circumference, here are some cycle helmet accessories that may be very useful to you and which will give you a more comfortable experience when riding.

  • Visors

Visors for cycle helmets will give you greater protection from the sun, offering comfort and greater visibility. They are easy to install as, generally, they are secured with a Velcro system, and they also add a designer touch to the helmet.

  • Covers

A cover for your helmet may avoid you getting wet on rainy days, as they are resistant to water and easy to fit. When choosing a cover it is important to check that its size corresponds to the size of your helmet so that it is a perfect fit.