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Gloves | 40 products


Cycling gloves are part of the recommended equipment when it comes to riding a bike. They are an item which provides comfort and prevents reactions occurring that may lead to a certain danger such as sweating of the palms of the hands, numbness, etc. Furthermore, they will protect you from potential falls and crashes. They also offer a better grip and greater control of the handlebars, so the journey will be safer.

At Santafixie, we bring you a wide range of cycling gloves that will enable you to ride a bike more comfortably and safely. In our online store you will find the best cycling gloves and with good offers. Choosing some will be simple thanks to these recommendations.

Types of gloves according to their length.

You can find different types of gloves according to their length and design: from short cycling gloves to long gloves or fingerless gloves. We explain their features.

Short gloves help to protect the hands from rubbing and potential falls, offering comfort. In addition, they boost the absorption of sweat and humidity, preventing the hands from slipping on the handlebars. They are characterised for having a simple fastening system, generally using velcro strips, and they are usually quick to put on. Short gloves aren’t just for winter. You can choose models with great ventilation and fingerless gloves if you are also looking for options for summer. Among the short gloves you can find, those from companies such as Giro or Cinelli stand out.

Long gloves are used more for summer and are also recommended for undertaking challenging activities, by fitting perfectly like a second skin. They are characterised for being breathable accessories which cover the whole hand and are more lightweight than short gloves but with the more effective option for the cold. Among the long gloves you can find, those from companies such as Giro stand out.

Gloves according to their properties

You can also find different types of cycling gloves according to their design or properties. We show you the different options.

Cycling gloves without padding are designed for users who prefer to have a superior feel during their route.

This type of gloves are gel-filled in their interior and are characterised for being particularly non- slip and for their high protection against crashes. The most notable brands include BLB or Giro.

Gloves with a velcro fastening are very common among the short models and guarantee an easy and fast fit with a secure fastening in a few seconds. In addition, the velcro fastening is adjustable so a customised fit is guaranteed. Companies of gloves with a velcro fastening include Giro and Cinelli.

Breathable cycling gloves are characterised for having ventilation holes in different areas such as the palm of the hands and fingers to guarantee a better airflow. They are perfect for any time of year since they prevent the accumulation of sweat, something that also makes them more comfortable. Notable options include those from the brands 100% and Giro.

Touch screen cycling gloves are characterised for offering the ability to use a touch screen without having to remove them. This is possible through the touch of some of the fingers, generally the thumb and index finger. Notable options for these gloves include those from Cinelli and Giro.