In our online shop you will find a wide range of Kryptonite products. We have Kryptonite anti-theft padlocks of different types so that you can meet all your needs. We also have different models of powerful lights available for greater visibility when cycling so that you can move around more safely and quietly.

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Kryptonite: safety, security and confidence in all its products. 

The first Kryptonite bike lock has arrived 

In 1971, Michael Zane was able to invent the first U-shaped lock. He did it thanks to his  basic knowledge of security, creative ideas that came to him and $1500 of investment. With the first lock produced, he took to the road in his Volkswagen van to raise awareness of the need to lock bikes properly to prevent theft. 

The litmus test and levels of protection 

A year later, in 1972, Michael came up with the marketing action his lock needed. It  consisted of a real product test, which involved tying a bicycle to a place under his apartment. The result? All parts and components were stolen, except the frame and lock, which remained in place for 30 days and 30 nights. The lock securing the bike's frame suffered a fair amount of knocks and damage, but no one managed to break it to take the bike. Thus Kryptonite's reputation for indestructible locks was born. 

Later, in 1977, the K4 U-lock was produced, a very easy to use lock made of steel, which  offered greater strength and durability against any attack by bicycle thieves. In addition,  Kryptonite introduced a novel ranking with different levels of protection against theft.  Each lock is rated with a security level from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most secure.  Depending on where the bike is parked, a number of factors are determined (such as  whether it is a busy place or not, city centre or outskirts, whether it will be parked during the  day or at night) that certify whether the level of security is appropriate for each situation. 

High recognition of its products 

The awards started appearing quickly, and Kryptonite was honoured with several awards:

  • 1983: Award of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 
  • 1988: German Museum of Utilitarian Art Prize and Japanese Good Design  Award 

Problems that turn into great solutions 

In 1989, Kryptonite had some problems and received some complaints about the poor  protection against theft provided by its products. The vast majority of the complaints came  from New York City, which was experiencing a period of theft and insecurity never seen  before. Kryptonite did not give up, and in 1994 introduced the New York anti-theft padlock,  which is now the brand's most representative range of padlocks. 

To gain the trust of customers, Michael Zane and product developer Neil McDaid  conducted the same safety test as in the early days of the brand, but this time on one of  New York's most dangerous streets and strapped a high-value bicycle. The bike remained  tied up in the same place for 48 hours. 

Constant evolution in safety and security 

In 2001 Kryptonite launched the Secure Key Programme which allows cyclists to register  their keys with Kryptonite padlocks. In the event that the rider loses the keys to the lock,  Kryptonite will replace the first two keys free of charge. 

Three years later, in 2004, Kryptonite made the anti-theft programme change in order to  solve a problem with the tubular cylinder of its padlocks, which could be bent by a  household object. Kryptonite replaced 400,000 padlocks in 21 countries with padlocks  that solved this security problem. All replacements of the anti-theft devices were free of  charge, and as a result they gained the trust of their customers. 

In 2014, Kryptonite collaborated with New York City couriers to design and produce locks that  met their needs: Maximise the places you can use a lock on your bike, provide strong keys  and increase security in a single lock. 

A year later, in 2015, the Gravity line was launched, an innovative security solution to  protect bicycle wheels and prevent thieves from stealing them. 

The Street Light collection arrived in 2017. A collection of USB rechargeable bike lights to  also provide safety when cycling. 

Kryptonite's mission 

The Kryptonite brand was born more than 40 years ago, but during all this time and until  today, it has always designed its products with the aim of protecting everything that is of  real importance. Many things have changed in the cycling industry, but the brand has  always stood firm and has adapted perfectly to all the changes that have taken place up to  the present day. 

With duty, focus and innovation in new products in mind, Kryptonite will continue to  constantly produce safe and reliable products to best secure the bikes of all cyclists. 

Find the best range of Kryptonite products at Santafixie 

In our online shop you will find a wide range of Kryptonite products. We have Kryptonite anti-theft padlocks of different types so that you can meet all your needs: 

We also have different models of powerful lights available for greater visibility when cycling so  that you can move around more safely and quietly. 

The systems tend to be a bit expensive. However, thanks to our offers category, you can buy Kryptonite lights and locks at the best price. We provide you with offers and discounts so that you can take care of your safety while cycling with the wide range of products we offer from Kryptonite.